Lola’s POV: 5 Things Your Latina Mother Told You That You Should Have Listened to

We can’t pretend that we haven’t argued with our mom

Things Latina Mom Told Me Growing Up Hiplatina

Photo: Courtesy of Lola Montilla

We can’t pretend that we haven’t argued with our mom. Just admit it, you’ve done it—whether it was an eye roll, a “whatever,” or a “¡Déjame quieta!” that caused the big argument. After the debate, let it be a day, a week, or a month-long thing, you’re always going to realize that there was at least some truth behind whatever your mother said (even if it’s hard for you to accept.). Here are my top five.

1. “No inventes.”
This phrase automatically sounds like my childhood. Whether I was searching her makeup drawer or putting Halloween candy in my pockets to take up to my room, “no inventes” was there to ruin my day and crush my dreams of having a good time. This versatile phrase evolved and grew with me. It wasn’t just good for makeup and candy anymore, but applicable when I asked permission to attend some party “en algún antro.” God knows if there’s one phrase that got on my nerves it’s that one, and instead of reacting by obeying her, I responded with talking back, causing a ‘papelón’ estilo Boricua.

Lola's POV: 5 things your mother told you

Hey, maybe she was right when she told me: “¡Te vas a romper las crismas!” Photo: Courtesy of Lola Montilla 

2. “ Con ell@s no vas a salir.” Followed by the ever so popular, “no inventes.”
Of course, we hate it when our parents judge the people we hang out with! You want to go “en la pachanga,” but if it was with that one girl your mom thought was trouble, “te la viviste” because you’re not going. Afterward, you realize that you were better off not going because it turned into a mess, and you have your mother to thank for it.

Lola's POV: 5 things your mother told you

I have both learned my lesson… and perfected my eye-roll since. Photo: Courtesy of Lola Montilla 

3. “¿Si te dicen que te tires por un barranco tú te tiras?”
This one was a harsh one, and it’s going to continue being one as long as you live in your Latino household. I remember hearing this whenever I would imitate anything my brother did, or did something stupid that my friends told me to do. Being the stubborn child that I am, I would say “¡Sí porque son mis amigos!” But believe it or not, that phrase has gotten me far in life.

Lola's POV: 5 things your mother told you

When upset with your mom’s “lack of understanding” you are better off with a mean selfie than trying to win that argument. Photo: Courtesy of Lola Montilla 

4. “¿Tú vas a salir así?”
This one “me revienta” honestly, because who would’ve thought that a pink tank top from Justice, with lycra shorts, and clip-on neon hair “mechones” were inappropriate for a fourth-grade talent show? I mean seriously?! Ok, you see now that I look back at it, all those outfits that got sent back to my closet were a statement… a death statement, not a fashion one.

Lola's POV: 5 things your mother told you

Hey! No judging! I wasn’t always as makeup savvy as I am today! Photo: Courtesy of Lola Montilla 

5. “Lo hago porque te quiero.”
Okay, okay. This one does kind of touchES a special place in my heart. This is what moms do; they don’t do it to bother us,  they do it to allow us to be the best we can be. They want us to be leaders, to dress for the part you dream of getting, and succeed. Moms do things because they love us! And although it bothers us now, it’s just going to make us grow up and realize that to mature; we need to listen; “porque el que no escucha consejos, no llega a viejo.”

Lola's POV: 5 things your mother told you

Since always, and forever, your mom has your best interest at heart. Photo: Courtesy of Lola Montilla 

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