Lola’s POV: Why My Instagram Isn’t ‘Picture Perfect’

I’m usually very private on my social media, contrary to what everyone would think

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I’m usually very private on my social media, contrary to what everyone would think. I’ve never been someone to have a “theme” (which is a feed that’s usually color or vibe coordinated, where each post correlates to create a theme). Why? Mostly because I think it’s pointless to have an Instagram account and not be able to share a picture because it’s not the perfect undertone of pink (Yes, I’m giving you all the shade). Instagram, just like all other social media platforms, it’s made to share your moments, your happy thoughts, your new puppy, your outfit, and I LIVE for that. But why limit yourself to just color schemes and themes? Life itself isn’t that coordinated or carefully sketched, you know?

So, while other blogs might teach you how to craft a beautiful Instagram feed, this one won’t. But I will share with you the life lessons that having my messy Instagram account has taught me.

First lesson: It’s your Instagram, and it’s nobody else’s.

When I first started my Instagram as lolalicious2001, you can imagine that, in the era of the selfie, my feed was just one mistake after another. My pictures all looked the same, but I still posted them [snaps fingers into little guns]. Then, as I started clearing my Instagram of pointless posts, I began to realize that in reality, whoever wants to follow me is going to follow me because they want to and if not, they could unfollow me and problem solved! So I don’t post to please anyone, and I don’t delete posts to do so either.

Second Lesson: Sharing means caring.

When you create your posts, it’s because it’s something you’re passionate about something that is close to you. I post about body positivity, and I share my imperfections with the world. I post about my heart condition because it’s a massive part of my life. I post about my relationships because they are dear and incredibly valuable to me. So in a way, I’m open and vulnerable to everyone’s thoughts and comments, but I’m also being very trusting about the people I’m allowing into my account. I also know trust is a two-way street, so that goes for other people as well! Don’t judge what might be a courage filled selfies or a post about someone’s passion; people could do the same with yours.

Third Lesson: If there’s one filter that always works, it’s kindness.

In a world of haters, be gracious. Being nice on social media is incredibly easy! Remember what your mom taught you, “If you have nothing nice to say, then say nothing at all.” If you know you’re going to judge, and you’re going to make people sad or insecure with your comments—it’s better to unfollow! It’s that simple.

Fourth Lesson: My Instagram is a composition of my life, but not all of it.

Although it may seem that you know everything about me just by looking at my Instagram, guess what? You don’t. My followers are acutely aware of what might be going on in the public sectors of my life, those being such things as my relationships, my heart condition, my social life, and my job. But there are so many things that they don’t know anything about, like my relationships, my heart condition, my social life, and my job. Although a complete paradox, my posts, and pictures skim over the surface of what might be going on in my life. There’s a world of difference between a post and exposing every detail of your life, and it’s fantastic to have those private details of your life to yourself because there is still something that separates the people who follow you from the people who genuinely know and care for you.

My Instagram feed is just a collection of snippets of my life in 2D. Beautifully simple and slightly superficial. But beyond it, outside the limits of the flat screen on my mobile phone is a wonderfully loud and 3D life, full of complexities and color, and no app can capture the essence of that.

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