Photo: Courtesy of Lola Montilla

Lola’s POV: Who Has Time For A Fake?

I find it so hard to believe that people genuinely take time from their day to change the way they talk, their personality, hide their relationship status or their drinking habits, they carefully select the pictures they post on each social media outlet, just to keep a facade of who they are in front of different groups of people. I know people who go through the trouble of making two separate posts for the same picture, so their friends see one and their family members see another. I find it utterly useless, and senseless, but that’s just because my parents have raised me to have a certain level of honesty and friendship with them, and that’s pretty effing cool.

So let me go on this mini-rant, okay? How do people find the time to be so many different people in just one body? Whenever I come across these types of people, and I see them doing it (being fake), I feel like a maniac because some people believe that they are that person they are portraying and then internally it’s like I just hit the biggest “telenovela gasp” in my lifetime. It bothers me to the core sometimes because I can’t tell if they’re fake with me as well.  I’m about the most real person you’ll meet; I walk it as I talk it—but with more style. Have I made mistakes? UM, yes, ask my mom. But, I choose to accept it and get the help I might need from my parents rather than hiding anything and then find myself in an even bigger issue than before.

So I write this rant out of concern as well. Because, I’m like that, and I’m going to care if your life is going to sh*t because of a dumb issue like this one. At what point do these people find their real selves? Is it the daredevil with their friends? The façade that they hold as a holy child with their parents? The lies that they tell their partner? It baffles me to a certain point that they get away with it and that they’re able to make the switch as soon as they find themselves in a specific situation. So where is that balance, where they go “this is the real me”?

So these are the types of posts that I find complicated to conclude because I just threw a whole bunch of questions at you that neither you or I know how to answer. It’s not just the lack of authenticity or the number of personalities in one being that bothers me; it’s the fact that at the end of the day you can’t know who you are when you’re ten different people for ten different audiences. Honestly, your time is better spent finding who you indeed are and mourning the loss of all the other ten personalities, rather than switching it up every 5 minutes and keeping track of who you have to be. Who has time for that? And, who has time for a fake?