Photo: Unsplash/@nitishm

People In Los Angeles Marched to Save Protection for Salvadorans

On Saturday, more than 1,000 people in Los Angeles protested the Trump administration’s decision to end status protection for Salvadoran nationals. The march and rally, organized by several activism groups, began their demonstration at the historic Placita Olvera in Downtown Los Angeles.

On Jan. 8, the White House announced that they would dismantle Temporary Protective Status (TPS) for 260,000 Salvadorans who currently live in the United States after their country became inhabitable during the disastrous earthquakes in 2001.  TPS also protects other nationals from Honduras, Hayti, and Nicaraguans. Their protection status has been dismantled as well, however, the largest group that benefits from TPS is Salvadorans.

People took to the streets to bring awareness to the important need of TPS and as a response to President Donald Trump’s racist remarks in which he referred to some third-world countries as “shitholes.

According to FightBack! News, one of the protest organizers “Centro CSO felt it very important to join the protest to show solidarity with the Los Angeles Salvadorian community, which is the largest in the U.S. The rally took place at the historic La Placita, the site of many past rallies. Speakers called for uniting and continuing the fight by organizing protests, building a movement and also voting to defeat the right-wing racist Republicans in the U.S. Congress.”

Homeland Security states that the in order to “allow for an orderly transition, the effective date of the termination of TPS for El Salvador will be delayed 18 months to provide time for individuals with TPS to arrange for their departure or to seek an alternative lawful immigration status in the United States, if eligible. Salvadorans in the United States who benefited from TPS may still receive other protections under our immigration system for which they are eligible.”

Here’s more incredible images from this weekend’s gathering in L.A.