7 Lessons in Love We Can All Learn from Jada Pinkett & Will Smith

Jada Pinkett Smith Will SmithIf you haven’t heard of it yet, Jada Pinkett has a really brilliant show on Facebook called The Red Table. It’s basically an intergenerational talk show that she hosts alongside her mom and her daughter. They talk about everything from motherhood to body image to sex and marriage. Which brings us to the last two episodes where a very brave Jada Pinkett and Will Smith sat down with the whole fam to discuss the ups and downs of their nearly 25-year-long marriage as well share the secrets to how they overcame a separation to create their very own unique union.

This kind of conversation is not for the weak or weary, even in private, so for them to be so open and honest about their relationship on a talk show is kind of unheard of, especially for such a famous couple. Still, they didn’t hold back any punches and the two-part episode was pretty revelatory. It’s basically a must-watch for anyone in a marriage or anyone interested in what makes people in relationships tick, what can drive them apart, and what can bring them together again. Most importantly, there are some real, fundamental lessons that came out of the nearly two-hour convo that we can all take home to make our partnerships stronger. Here is what we learned from Mr. and Mrs. Smith…




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