5 Ways to Love Your Body This Year Without Dieting

Source: Unsplash

This year, it seems like no one is buying into the “New Year, New Me” mantra. Maybe it’s because millennials are burned out, or perhaps, its because body positivity is more truth than trend. Whichever the reason, there has been a cultural focus away from strict fitness and dieting routines (which statistically fail by February), and more of a focus on just being one’s self.

The attitude of contentment with who we truly are — especially as women — has reached a fever pitch, as cultural influencers from Jameela Jamil to Roxane Gay to countless fitness Instagrammers shutting down the idea of setting a “goal weight” or “goal persona” in January.  

In the spirit of loving ourselves a little more this year — and kissing hyper-consumerism and body hatred goodbye once and for all — we made a list of all the things you can do this year that don’t require you to hate your body.

Instead, these will only make you love it a little more.




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