Lunchbox Affirmations
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Fun Lunch Box Affirmations for Your Niños!

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Going back to school this year will be a big change for my kids and I! Up until a few months ago my kids hadn’t been around their teachers and classmates for almost an entire year, so I knew going back to school was going to be a little different for them. And to be honest, I’m going to miss having them around the house a lot! So, that’s why my main focus this year is on making their school lunches extra special. My 5-year-old daughter loves when I write her personalized notes and leave them for her to find. I knew I wanted to incorporate this into her back-to-school experience. Writing cute little notes for her to find in her lunchbox along with her favorite snack, Yoplait Go-Gurt, is going to make her school day that much more amazing! 

I’m happy to partner up with Yoplait Go-Gurt for this amazing opportunity to empower kids! My family loves Go-Gurt! My kids always get so excited to see Go-Gurt as part of their lunch. They have a variety of flavors that keep my kids’ ever-changing pallet happy all the time. My daughter loves the packaging because they always have “her favorite characters” on them. In addition, for me the easy packaging makes this mama so happy that they can grab a Go-Gurt from the fridge and easily open it up themselves. One less thing mama has to worry about and I welcome all the small mom wins! We love Go-Gurt because it’s such an easy on-the go snack as well. I pack them with us on all of our adventures. The best part is that you can freeze them beforehand, pack them in your  lunchbox or cooler and once you’re ready to eat them on your adventure it’s thawed and ready to enjoy! It’s like Go-Gurt knew mamas needed all the help we could get, THANK YOU Go-Gurt! 

We are constantly encouraging our children with affirmations to the point that my 5-year-old leaves us notes all around including our home office and nightstands as well. We all know that finding a sweet heartfelt note from your loved one can truly make your day! The thing about these sweet notes is that you can create them very simply and in turn make your child’s lunch experience at school that much sweeter. I worked with Go-Gurt to create these cute note designs for your kid’s lunch boxes. Lucky for you I have a link for you to download these designs. Some design note cards have pre-written sayings and a few are blank so that you can write a special personal message to your child.

Photo: moderncalimom

If you don’t have a printer at home, you can send the attachment to your local print shop. Some sample ideas you can write in the blank design note cards are: 

“ ! Eres lo maximo!”, “Mommy hearts You!”, “You got this!”, or anything personal to each one of your kids. 

Since my daughter is just starting to read, I always use short sentences and words she can understand on her own. I also add special emojis like hearts, so that it’s easier for her to read. A mom hack for these notes would be to have a stack of 5 notes ready to go on Sunday night, so that you are ready for the week. I keep the stack of notes in our kitchen near our pantry, so that I don’t forget to add my special touch to my kid’s lunches. My daughter constantly tells me that one of her favorite things about her day at school is finding those notes in her lunchbox and her favorite Go-Gurt flavors. As a mama that makes my little corazon so happy! I hope you found these Fun Lunch Box Affirmations for Your Ninos easy to do. My hope is that you will try them along with adding your kid’s favorite Go-Gurt to their lunch boxes this back-to-school season. I can’t wait to hear about your child’s reaction to seeing these beautiful designs and their favorite Go-Gurt! Buen provecho!

Disclaimer: Kids under 5 years may have difficulty swallowing frozen Go-GURT Yogurt. Please be sure to thaw before serving.