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5 Make Out Proof Lipsticks to Rock on Your Next Date

There are three things that immediately cross my mind before a first date: Did I share my location with at least one of my girlfriends? Did I Google Map how I’m getting to our meet-up spot? And is my lipstick make out proof? That’s right girl, there’s nothing less cute than finding your lipstick all over your face (and your date’s) after a hot, steamy make out session. These days I make sure I carry a good matte, long-lasting formula. In fact, I recently went on five dates with a really cute boy from Bumble and have a smudge-proof  lipstick recommendation for every night we got together – check it out!

Date 1: My first date with cute boy was surprisingly a blast. I’ve never had a bad first date (see, being single can be fun ladies) but only have a handful of memorable ones. This will probably be one of those first dates I won’t forget, even if the guy and I eventually go our separate ways. I mainly wear nude-ish, natural-looking lip shades these days, so I opted for Tarteist Quick Dry Matte Lip Paint in Front Row ($20). It’s a nude with tints of brown and rose, which looks great on a tan complexion. We started off the night having oysters and drinks at a downtown jazz club, followed by spontaneously hitting up a Karaoke bar, which led to the night ending in a long make out session. My lipstick was still on during my uber ride home – yasss!

Tarte make out proof lipstick
Photo: Tartecosmetics.com

Date 2: Cute boy decided to come to my salsa class that night. I was pretty impressed by his desire to try something new and his ability to pick up the moves relatively quickly. We hit up an oyster bar afterwards and kissed a little before calling it a night. Once again, I didn’t have to reapply my lipstick once, not even after we kissed. I wore Tarteist Quick Dry Matte Lip Paint in Bounce ($20) this time. It’s a nice nude with hints of rose coral.

Nars Make out proof lipstick
Photo: Narscosmetics.com

Date 3: This was probably one of my favorite dates. Cute boy and I met at a restaurant on a Sunday night to see one of my favorite Afro-Cuban salsa bands play. We danced salsa pretty much all night, then hit up a taco spot, followed by more dancing at a nearby bar. Of course there was kissing and of course my lipstick stayed on. I wore NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Bahama ($27), brownish nude. It left my pout soft and smooth, cause you know that’s important when you’re making out.

Too Faced Make Out proof lipstick
Photo: TooFaced.com

Date 4: I recommended we hit up one of my favorite hole-in-the-wall Vietnamese restaurants in the city. Cute boy saw me with bright pink lips for the first time ever and made a joke about being afraid that my lipstick was going to wind up all over his face. Being the nice guy that he is, he still kissed me. But his concerns were valid because my lipstick not only wound up on his face but it also smudged onto my right cheek. After we ate, I noticed my lipstick had completly disappeared from my lips. Fortunately, I came with a backup lipstick in a very similar shade. The Too Faced Melted Matte Liquified Matte Lipstick in Bend & Snap ($21) lasted throughout the remainder of the night. Cute boy suggested we hit up two speakeasy spots nearby for dancing. Yup, dancing has definitely become our thing. The lipstick stayed on  (and slayed on) even after drinks, dancing, sweating while dancing, and the makeout session in the end – score!

Date 5: This was a really cute, and simple date. I suggested cute boy and I meet in Bryant park for a picnic and an outdoor movie. I wanted to do something chill and sweet before I flew out to Portugal for a week. My vibe was casual so once again I opted for a natural-looking lip color. I wore Tarte Lippie Lingerie Matte Tint in Pure ($24). The color stayed on even after our goodbye kiss and my lips were silky smooth all night.