5 Make Out Proof Lipsticks to Rock on Your Next Date

There are three things that immediately cross my mind before a first date: Did I share my location with at least one of my girlfriends? Did I Google Map how I’m getting to our meet-up spot? And is my lipstick make out proof? That’s right girl, there’s nothing less cute than finding your lipstick all over your face (and your date’s) after a hot, steamy make out session. These days I make sure I carry a good matte, long-lasting formula. In fact, I recently went on five dates with a really cute boy from Bumble and have a smudge-proof  lipstick recommendation for every night we got together – check it out!

Tarteist make out proof lipstick


Date 1: My first date with cute boy was surprisingly a blast. I’ve never had a bad first date (see, being single can be fun ladies) but only have a handful of memorable ones. This will probably be one of those first dates I won’t forget, even if the guy and I eventually go our separate ways. I mainly wear nude-ish, natural-looking lip shades these days, so I opted for Tarteist Quick Dry Matte Lip Paint in Front Row ($20). It’s a nude with tints of brown and rose, which looks great on a tan complexion. We started off the night having oysters and drinks at a downtown jazz club, followed by spontaneously hitting up a Karaoke bar, which led to the night ending in a long make out session. My lipstick was still on during my uber ride home – yasss!




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