Man Tried To Shame Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez For Her Clothes But It Backfired Big Time

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is giving us a front row seat to the ins-and-outs of her new political life in Washington


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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is giving us a front row seat to the ins-and-outs of her new political life in Washington. Her Instagram stories are truly a thing of beauty. We had no idea people working in Congress had to go through so much before they even get started on the job. So we appreciate the way she keeps us informed 24/7. But because everyone is watching Ocasio-Cortez on Capitol Hill, she’s naturally going to get some haters.

That was definitely the case yesterday when journalist and author Eddie Scarry (that is his real name), tweeted out a picture of  Ocasio-Cortez’s back (it has since been deleted), in which he shamed her for her clothes. Here’s a screenshot:

alexandra ocasio shame tweet clothes

Photo: Twitter/eScarry

The writer — commenting on her clothes, alleging that it looks expensive — is saying, in a very obvious way, that she has money. The comment was in reference to Ocasio-Cortez saying she was having issues securing an apartment in D.C. without having a salary. Her job doesn’t technically begin until January, which means she won’t see a dime until then. However, this writer is just throwing out claims that Ocasio-Cortez is lying about her finances. Well, social media — people from the left and the right — went in on Scarry and shamed him for shaming her.

“Ocasio-Cortez literally said in that Vogue piece that she bought a Rent the Runway ‘unlimited closet’ subscription so she would have a ton of clothes to wear campaigning and on the Hill. The tweet is dumb but like, $140/month Netflix for designer clothes is also dumb,” one person tweeted. “Manufacturing a scandal out of a female politician’s clothing choices is a form of misogyny almost as old as politics itself, but as a woman it’s well within my rights to say that Rent the Runway Unlimited is some stupid bougie shit.”

@kharyp tweered: “WTF is wrong w ppl where you take a picture of someone from behind and comment to a diff person regarding how they are dressed? As if u went w her to buy the outfit to know the cost! W/o knowing how much it cost,I could see buying a nice new outfit for my new job too. @Ocasio2018”

Here are some more highlights.

Well, Ocasio-Cortez had the last laugh. She tweeted: If I walked into Congress wearing a sack, they would laugh & take a picture of my backside. If I walk in with my best sale-rack clothes, they laugh & take a picture of my backside. Dark hates light — that’s why you tune it out. Shine bright & keep it pushing.”

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