Full Moon in Libra Will Have You Reflecting on Your Relationships

This month’s full moon is in Libra so it’s a good time to think about your relationships with others, according to moon aficionado Zakia Torres

Photo: Unsplash/@kellysikkema

Photo: Unsplash/@kellysikkema

This month’s full moon is in Libra so it’s a good time to think about your relationships with others, according to moon aficionado Zakia Torres.

“That can be romantic, business or family relationships. Full moons tend to be about forgiving, moving on and letting go. So with it being in Libra, it would be a good time to reflect on the people in your life,” Torres says.

Because of the upcoming Full Moon’s energy, you might be in your feelings a little more than usual. Your feelings will be more intense and you’ll also feel tired or drained this week. Torres stresses that even if things may feel off, this is a great time to rest and reflect.

For those new to the Moon cycles, it’s never too early to learn about them.

Case in point: Mom of three and self-proclaimed spiritual gangsta, Zakia Torres started her business QuartZ & Rainbows following heartbreak and struggle that forced her to find her magic. The Quartz crystal known as the “master healer” is her favorite crystal and rainbows represent “beauty after the storm.”

Torres has been fascinated with rainbows since she was a child but only recently learned about the moon cycles as an adult.

“As I got deeper into my spirituality last year, I began to research and read more about the moon,” she adds. Torres makes a point now to always take a moment to look at the moon and give thanks for its beauty. Her favorite moon to work with is the New Moon.

“I always take a very relaxing spiritual bath and write my intentions when I’m done. I try to keep the intentions set for things that I want to manifest (or release) in the next 3-6 months,” she says. “Sometimes I burn the list as my way of letting go of expectations, but sometimes I don’t and it’s always awesome to go back and see the things that truly did come true. I try to always find a moment to be outside during both the New and Full Moon.”

Being in nature during New and Full Moons can bring an extra layer of intensity and magic.

Torres shares her “Letting Go” Ritual:

– Make a list of things (and feelings) that you would like to release.

– Cleanse your space with either sage, palo santo or copal.

– Light a white candle that represents spirit.

– Pray on those intentions.

– Burn the list asking the universe to assist you in releasing the things that no longer serve you.

– Toss the ashes outside to the moon (please be safe!).

– Then do your best and go to sleep (versus doing a million other things before bed).


Full Moons also have a way of bringing things up to the surface, so that may mean someone from your past popping up again.

“There is a certain person who I always hear from around the time of the full moon. I’ve tried to release feelings for this person but it just hasn’t quite happened yet and there is no coincidence that I tend to hear from him around the Full Moon cycles,” she says.

Some things are out of our control no matter how many pieces of paper we light on fire. The universe wins, Torres stresses. In other words, keep calm and keep those letting go rituals fresh for safe keeping.

“Everyone has their own way of doing things and I hope that anyone reading this does what feels good to them! I 100% believe in the moon’s power,” Torres says, “But I also follow my gut and do what feels right no matter what cycle the moon is in!”

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