Try One of These Delish Cocktails for National Margarita Day

Margaritas will forever go down as THE go-to cocktail for pretty much any party or Latinx celebration. Have a birthday? Try a margarita. Celebrating abuela’s retirement? Margaritas! Going to happy hour with your girlfriends? Go for your favorite margarita bar. On a date night? Yes, even then margaritas have your back.

That’s why today, on February 22nd, we are thrilled to celebrate National Margarita Day. The drink has it all: Something sour and something sweet. You might be the kind of chica who loves a classic margarita or you might want something a bit sweeter. Or maybe you’re a spicy margarita type of person? Whatever your preference, there’s no way you can go wrong, which is why we’re celebrating with these 10 margarita recipes that are, let’s be real, going to taste delicious pretty much any day of the year. Salud!

1. Original Margarita

Margarita HipLatina

You can’t have a cocktail celebration without the original, amirite?




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