5 Margaritas to Celebrate National Margarita Day

It’s Friday — TGIF! Best part is, it’s also National Margarita Day and we’re super grateful that a holiday like this actually exists

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Photo: Courtesy of Chamucos Tequilla

It’s Friday — TGIF! Best part is, it’s also National Margarita Day and we’re super grateful that a holiday like this actually exists. If you’ve been craving a nice, refreshing drink today —like a lot of us are — but don’t necessarily want to hit up a bar or your favorite Mexican restaurant, don’t worry because we got you covered. There’s really nothing better than whipping up your own drink at home or at work (you know for happy hour) — whatever your choice. 

Here’s a look at a few delicious cocktails with their easy-to-follow recipes that are sure to start your weekend off on the right note. Check these out and say salud!


Jalapeño Avocado Margarita

Courtesy of Chamucos Tequilla

This drink features the best balance of spice, smoothness, and booze. It’s perfect for the drinker who enjoys a spicy drink with a kick. 

Here’s what you need:

2.5 oz. Chamucos Diablo Blanco

2 oz. Agave nectar (cut 50/50 with water)  

2 oz. Fresh squeezed lime juice  

1/2 Avocado, peeled and mashed

2 Slices jalapeño

2 Cilantro sprigs, plus extra for garnish

Lime wheels, for garnish

1 cup ice, plus extra for serving

Here’s what to do:

First, place ripe avocado, cilantro, and jalapeño slices in a cocktail shaker. Then muddle ingredients until thoroughly mashed. Add remaining ingredients to the shaker and shake vigorously. Lastly, strain the cocktail into two rocks glasses filled with ice and garnish with remaining cilantro sprigs and lime wheels.


The Partida Margarita

Courtesy of Partida Blanco Tequila

This cocktail recipe is simple, straightforward, and delicious. You really can’t go wrong with this one. It’s a crowd-pleaser type of drink, making it perfect for hosting parties. 

Here’s what you need:

1 ½ oz Partida Blanco Tequila

1 oz Fresh Squeezed Lime Juice

¾ oz 100% Organic Partida Agave Nectar

¾ oz Water

Here’s what to do:

The best part about this drink is that it’s quick and easy to make. All you have to do is shake all the ingredients in a shaker filled with ice. Then strain into a margarita glass over ice and garnish with lime wheels. That’s it!


Silver Meets Gold 

Courtesy of Patrón Silver

Created by Matt Piacentini of Stay Gold bar in NYC, this take gets an upgrade with Demerara Syrup, a syrup you can buy or make at home. It’s the same ratio as simple syrup, 1:1 water and sugar, but with turbinado sugar for a deeper, more caramelized flavor.

Here’s what you need:

1.5 oz Patrón Silver

1 oz. Dry Curacao

.75 oz Lime Juice

A Bar Spoon of Demerara Syrup (or you can swap in simple syrup)

Chili Lime Sea Salt and Gold Flake Rim

Here’s what to do:

 The directions on this one are simple. All you have to do is combine and shake Patrón Silver, dry curacao, demerara syrup, and lime juice and then simply pour over ice. Garnish with chili lime sea salt and gold flake rim and enjoy!


Weeping Coconut Margarita 

Courtesy of Jose Cuervo

This Cuervo Tradicional Weeping Coconut Margarita recipe was created for the Frida Kahlo: Appearances are Deceiving exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum. This specific drink was inspired by Frida Kahlo’s Weeping Coconuts painting, and her love of the fruit. And frankly, it’s delicious.

Here’s what you need:

2 oz. Cuervo Tradicional Silver

3/4 oz. Coconut cream

3/4 oz. Lime juice

1/2 oz. Agave

Garnish: Coconut flakes

Here’s what to do:

Start off by measuring coconut cream into a cocktail shaker. Then add the lime juice, agave, and Cuervo Tradicional Silver. Finish by shaking hard, then serve in a rocks glass over ice. 


Classic Espolòn Margarita

Courtesy of ESPOLÓN Tequilla

A quick warning: Having just one of these is pretty much destined to fail. The lime juice combined with agave nectar gives it a nice blend of sweet and sour that will have anyone hooked. 

Here’s what you need:

2 Parts Espolòn Blanco

¾ Part Grand Marnier

1 Part Fresh Lime Juice

½ Part Agave Nectar

This is by far the easiest cocktail in this list to create. The instructions on this one are beyond simple. All you have to do is shake over ice and strain into an Old Fashioned glass. Finish off by garnishing with a lime wedge and you’re all good to go. 

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