The Important Advice Maria Elena Salinas Gave Ilia Calderon

In one week, Maria Elena Salinas will wrap up 36 years at Univision’s “Noticiero Univision


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In one week, Maria Elena Salinas will wrap up 36 years at Univision’s “Noticiero Univision.” The legendary journalist will pass the throne to another trailblazer, Ilia Calderon who begins her first day on Dec. 11. While the two anchors have been defining the news in their own respective rights, Calderon will definitely have a whole new set of demands as co-anchor of the storied news program alongside Jorge Ramos.

In an interview with People en Español, Salinas said that she doesn’t need to give Calderon any professional advice because she in that department, Calderon holds her own, saying: “A person who comes to fill that position is not replacing me, she is creating her own legacy.” She did however give her advice in respect to being a mother of a small child.

“I don’t have to give her any advice as a professional, but I will do so as a mom,” she said to People en Español . “We have talked about that, because her daughter is little and Ilia hasn’t traveled much in the last few years. She has had the opportunity to be with her daughter [Anna, 5]. I told her that we worry a lot as mothers about leaving our kids because we feel that [it] could affect them, but it’s something that also affects us because we feel guilty. She has to keep that in mind. I advised her that every once in a while you have to be willing to say ‘no.’ That’s what I regret, that at certain times I didn’t say no.”

Salinas might be giving her more personal advice, but saying “no” as a woman is something we struggle to do all on fronts whether that is personal or professional.

We have issues declining because we want to do the job right, and we’ve just been taught to never turn down an opportunity. However, Salinas, with her many years of experience teaches us that in the long run saying no can go a long way.

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