Former Miss Dominican Republic Is a Finalist for Selena Role on Netflix

If you’re an up-and-coming actor, landing a role (any role) is a dream come true

Photo: Instagram/masieltaveras

Photo: Instagram/masieltaveras

If you’re an up-and-coming actor, landing a role (any role) is a dream come true. So many artists struggle to get noticed and never catch that big break. Imagine you’re a Latina trying to stand out for some kind of recognition, and someone says to you that you have what it takes to play Selena Quintanilla. You’d probably faint, jump for joy and faint again. Now imagine that millions would see the role on Netflix. For those that think playing Selena is no big thing, think again — just look at the career Jennifer Lopez had after she got the part of Selena. A new leading lady is waiting in the wings, and this actress could be it.

Meet Massiel Taveras, the former Miss Dominican Republic who reportedly is in the final rounds of auditions for the Netflix series on Selena. Several Spanish outlets are reporting that out of 500 actors, the last group of finalists includes 17 women and Taveras is one of them.

“My God,” she said on Instagram, “I can only say thank you Lord because you are opening the sea for us to go with my watery eyes and my heart overflowing with gratitude I receive the news that we are here, my people. God wanted us to qualify among the final 17. You can not imagine what I feel in my heart is that the world has to know that God is the door. Holy Father, thank you for allowing me to say, I feel like a winner. This is something huge, the fact that I’m arriving here makes me too happy to see how God works through faith, goodwill, and hard work, I celebrate with you and send a big hug to my friends in the Dominican press who celebrate and massively share with us, this great news.”

In April, Backstage reported that Carla Hool would be heading the casting of the Netflix Selena series and was looking to fill the roles of Selena, her family, among others. Production is supposed to begin in August, which means auditions should probably wrap up this month. Women all over social media are using the hashtag #carlahoolcasting to get noticed. Did it work? If you’re one of those in the final rounds of casting, or if you’ve been spotted on social media let us know! We’d love to feature your story as well. Also, do you think Taveras has the right look for Selena? Let us know in the comment section below.

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