Some Selena Fans Are Not Happy About the New Netflix Show About Her Life

When news broke that Netflix would be releasing a series based on the life of the late Tejano singer Selena Quintanilla, people were ecstatic — however, some were clearly not

Selena Quintanilla

Photo: Flickr/hellboy_93

When news broke that Netflix would be releasing a series based on the life of the late Tejano singer Selena Quintanilla, people were ecstatic — however, some were clearly not. These are not Selena haters, mind you. In fact, they love Selena just as much as you and I. For the most part, people on social media expressed sensitive feelings over the exploitative way the Quintanilla family continues to profit off her death.

But first, if you hadn’t heard the news yet: Netflix announced a new show titled Selena: The Series. According to Deadline, the show is being called “the official story of Tejano music legend, Selena Quintanilla,” which seems a little bizarre since Selena — the movie — showed audiences just that.

“Selena will always have a lasting place in music history and we feel great responsibility to do justice to her memory,” Suzette Quintanilla, Selena’s sister, said in a statement: “With this series, viewers will finally get the full history of Selena, our family, and the impact she has had on all of our lives. We are excited to partner with Campanario and Netflix to give fans a never-before-seen glimpse at our story and highlight why Selena will remain a legend for generations to come.”

So it does seem like we will learn new aspects of Selena’s life — and who wouldn’t want to be on board with that? We’ve seen countless movies about Michael Jackson, Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, so another project about Selena shouldn’t be seen as out of the ordinary, right?

But people on social media went in with their comments.

Vanessa Marie Aldana-Rico said on Facebook: “So the family will make a show series about her but they wouldn’t let HER HUSBAND make a series about their love story? If he did Abe was gonna sue him! Seems like BS to me. I’m sorry I love Selena but the family is overdoing it.” Laila La Mera Resendez writes: “Are the Quintanillas broke? Let Selena R.I.P… CHRIS should have all rights to Selena.” @cristianmk7 wrote on Twitter: “More Unpopular opinion: Media services like Netflix need to stop making Selena Quintanilla shows, movies, docs, etc. Like we ALL KNOW what happened already, what else can you possibly add that’s new. Let her rest in peace.” Patri Velez writes: “Omg let that woman Rest In Peace stop making money off of her.??”

It’s also important to note that some of these sentiments may stem from the fact that the family is also producing a Selena-inspired show for ABC, and selling grocery bags in her name and images at the H-E-B stores (for the second year in a row). In 2016, the family also approved a massively popular Selena MAC makeup line. Some fans are particularly concerned about the legal issues between the Quintanilla family and Chris Perez, her husband who is seeking to do a show about their relationship. As of now, the show is still yet to be decided by the courts.

The reality is fans love Selena, so while some may be excited about having more Selena content out there, others will naturally be torn over the barrage of this beloved figure, just in the same way as the image of Frida Kahlo has been fraught with issues. At the end of the day, what matters is that a whole new generation of people will learn about Selena and why she continues to be an inspiration.

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