Officials In Mexico Discover Massive Grave With Children’s Remains

No one is asking for proof that the violence in Mexico is only getting worse

massive grave remains

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No one is asking for proof that the violence in Mexico is only getting worse. It’s a known fact that people are being killed in record amounts, and this latest horrific news is just a sad illustration of that. It’s being reported that officials in the state of Veracruz, Mexico, have uncovered a massive grave that holds the remains of children.

Earlier this month, news broke of the massive grave found, which reportedly has at least 174 bodies. Now with more investigation, the remains of children are among those killed. Officials are laying out pieces of clothing from the grave in order for parents to try and identify their kids. According to ABC News, those items include “T-shirts with images of Tinkerbell, Tweety Bird and Pokemon.”

Those items listed, and many more, are being shown on the internet. Despite that action seeming disturbing and insensitive, officials say that is the only way to get information out there.

“It seems there’s animus to clarify what has happened. But the fact that photos have to be put up on the internet shows that there are no other possible ways,” said Carlos Vilalta, a criminologist with Mexico’s Center for Research in Geography and Geomatics, to ABC News.

The cause of these horrific acts has always been attributed to drug cartels. The Wall Street Journal reports that more than 37,000 people have been “missing and unaccounted for in Mexico by the end of April, according to the national registry of missing people” and another 31,000 were killed last year.

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