The New Moon in Gemini Wants Your Attention

Aye Dios

Photo: Unsplash/@drewtilk

Photo: Unsplash/@drewtilk

Aye Dios.

Just a quick flip through your Twitter moments will tell you that the time for bullshit has expired. Old ways of thinking that hold people back are dry humping their last years of survival. The planets won’t stand for it, the people being guided by those planets won’t stand for it. And a liberation of the truth must and will happen.

Which is not only a larger theme happening outside of our lives, but also within our hearts as well. And tonight’s new moon in Gemini is going to call on each of us to look at the dualities within us, investigate our thoughts and ask us to make some brave choices once and for all.

But, the part that makes this baby bruja really clench her pearl necklace is when I see where all the other planets will be tonight — and child. They. Are. Not. Playing.

With Saturn in retrograde, the time to get conscious, get clear and make big change is now – to make disciplined changes and just be as realistic as possible with our goals. We will need this especially now that the Sun and Moon are chilling in Gemini (a special chaos I’ll address in a minute) while you’ve also just had Mars roll through Gemini, crop-dusting us all with his short-man complex and frustrating matters of expressing your ideas, being heard and how to turn it all around.

And then you’ve got Venus out here, flirting with all the boys at the office happy hour. She done got caught and now two of the boys are pissed. She’s in straight opposition with Jupiter and square with weird dude in the back of the office, Pluto — and neither like being lied to. So because of her thirsty-ass ways, your relationships could be experiencing some jealousy, some miscommunication, or even some issues with domination. However, since Pluto is actually Mr. Freak-nasty on the down low, you could be having some pretty bomb makeup sex, I’m not gonna lie. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for the both of us.

Then we have the moon and sun chilling up in at Gemini’s house — the house that is ruled by the planet Mercury (you know, that planet that goes retrograde every few months and destroys your life).  Gemini sometimes gets a bad rap for being a two-faced persona, but really it’s a kind of balanced way of thinking many of us aren’t used to. They are an adaptable clan, and can use their abilities to see both sides and fit into any situation. And their crazy little souls can really be the life of a party.

But the Gemini skill of living in dualities is one that weighs heavy on the mind. The house of Gemini is a thinking house. Trust me; the Sun and Moon aren’t hanging out there sipping mojitos and getting their toes done. They came to work, hunty.  It’s time to transform, clear out the garbage and investigate all sides of our personality — what have we been hiding? Whose games have we been playing? Where are we winning and where are we doomed to fail again?

The trouble with this soul-searching is you’ve got your sun, the ego, flipping both sides of what’s right and wrong about you. And then you’ve got the moon, your emotions, flipping both sides of the coin, too. Along with all the planetary action, all this Gemini level of self-evaluation is enough to make a chica feel bat-shit crazy!

But it’s all about perspective right? Thoughts are just thoughts. There’s no reason to freak out or get unrealistic about how you’re feeling or what’s possible. After all this is still a new moon — and the perfect time for you to manifest a real change in your life for the better!

You’d be better off keeping a journal by your side over the next three days. Write down every idea that comes to mind or how you are feeling. While your mind can think a bazillion thoughts at once, it can only write one thought down at a time — and that’s your secret weapon to keep this transitional time orderly and prosperous.

Remember that you have the influence of Saturn in retrograde — seeing those thoughts on paper will help you to logically sift through them and set a real plan. And don’t let the energy Venus stirs up affect your relationships too much. In a few days she’ll connect with Uranus who isn’t about her drama and brings her back down to her more calming, rational self. Relationships will improve!

And as for the world, our politics and everyone else — when you look at the work the planets are doing for you, you can see how they are working in others. But imagine if they never knew this was happening? If they let thoughts run wild this month and resisted the change the new moon wants to bring this month? You’d be wise to expect that to happen with your family, friends and coworkers. Anticipate some people not understanding the influences on their charts — and then maybe consider using it to your advantage.

Your Aries, Cancer, Gemini and Sagittarius friends are looking to be heard and understood – for validation. Giving it to them could go a long way, especially  in the office. Get behind the ideas of your Taurus, Capricorn and Libra friends — they’ve been thinking for a while on how to make things better, and their dreams are about to pop off big time. And finally your Leo, Aquarius, Virgo and Scorpio friends are going to want a friend that’s a ride or die at this moment. If you can be the like notification that their mind gets every day, you’re being more valuable to their psyche than they can express.

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