“Me Voting in 2016 VS. Me Voting in 2018” Tweets Prove Americans Are Fighting Back

Today is voting day! We’re beyond excited to vote today, as you should as well. But voting today feels different than past elections, more so than the 2016 presidential election. Why is that? In 2016, whether you voted for Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, or not at all, people voted passionately but still with some restraint because many assumed the election would go in one way. People now realize how important their vote is because more is at stake.

There’s no hiding the fact that President Donald Trump has divided the country. It seems today that people are standing up to vote to take back their country, while others are voting to make sure things remain the same. There’s so much dedication about voting in the midterm elections that early voting numbers are higher than ever. People are at the polls, which means they care and that’s amazing.

To further illustrate the point that people are serious about voting today with gusto, people are sharing their “me voting in 2016 vs me voting in 2018” tweets. And there’s some hilarious ones out there. Here’s some highlights:




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