Meet the Latina Country Artist Trailblazing a New Path: Valerie Ponzio

We first met Valerie Ponzio on season 12 of The Voice

Valerie Ponzio

Photo: Courtesy of Valerie Ponzio

We first met Valerie Ponzio on season 12 of The Voice. She not only garnered the attention of all the judges receiving a rare 4-chair turn, but now she is capturing the attention of country and Latin platforms alike with her debut EP, Timeless. From El Paso, Texas Ponzio is a Latina rebel sensation.

Growing up with a musical background, it was only natural Ponzio that she began writing her own songs at 13. “I entered every talent show I could. I sang on the weekends at church. Just constantly singing at every turn,” shared Ponzio. “I grew up in a Texas border town that I had a lot of musical influences that I drew from that are all kind of coming together now in a way.”

“Being out in Nashville it’s such a songwriting town, and I’ve learned a lot being here. On this latest EP, it’s all co-writing something that has been different from what I have done,” shared Ponzio. “It’s been interesting trusting the process with other people. This next phase has been a ton of collaboration and rocks my world to see how that can just heighten and really lift your music.” Although garnering a spot with a major label would be wonderful, Ponzio enjoys her independence., “it’s been a great journey seeing my fan base grow and getting to see the journey hands-on, and if a label can come in and help build on that to reach more people that would be awesome.”

To be a Latina on the country music scene is rare and Ponzio honors her heritage with the titular song, “Timeless” by also recording it in Spanish. It’s a song that evokes memories of falling in love with your soulmate. She collaborated with her mom to translate the lyrics into Spanish. Her song recently made it on to the Latin Divas Spotify playlist. “You don’t see a lot of Nashville artist popping up on Latin playlist but that’s all part of the goal. I just feel like I finally, through this EP, put all of my influences together with the Latin, and with the country. It all came together, it all made sense, and that was very high on my priority list to have come out in the recording,” shared Ponzio.

Ponzio hit the ground running straight out the gate after her appearance on The Voice with her premiere hit single “Love Me When You’re Lonely,” Having garnered a fan base along the way she affectionately calls “Val Pals,” she is winning the hearts of thousands of fans on her Texas tour. Ponzio says in her live shows it’s easier to take you along on her journey from a Texas border town to Nashville and  all the emotions that have come with what she has been through.”

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