Mexican Abuela’s Cooking Channel on Youtube Goes Viral

Doña Ángela has already accumulated more than eight million views on her Youtube channel, “De mi Rancho a Tu Cocina” since launching her first video a little more than a month ago



Doña Ángela has already accumulated more than eight million views on her Youtube channel, “De mi Rancho a Tu Cocina” since launching her first video a little more than a month ago.

Each time she records a YouTube video, she greets her subscribers and viewers by saying, “mi gente.” In her videos, she then prepares her latest traditional Mexican dish with ingredients fresh from her garden while cooking in her outdoor kitchen as you hear roosters crow in the background. In her first video, she signs off by saying, “de mi rancho a su cocina.”

Currently, she has 13 videos and counting on her YouTube channel — her first video was released August 20. In a little over a month, each of her videos has accumulated at least half a million views and her most-watched video is “Huevos con Chile Rojo y Cafe de Olla” with more than two million views. In this particular video, she shares her name and that her rancho is located near Ario de Rosales, a municipality in Michoacán.

She also records different recipes including huitlacoche taquitos, which she says they call “Tecolote” on the ranch and is considered a Mexican delicacy. Some of the ingredients she frequently uses are onions and chiles and, of course, tortillas, which she makes by hand with corn from her ranch.

“Esta es masa de puro maíz,” she says. “Esta no tiene nada como las tortillerias, ahí llevan muchas cosas y aqui nada, es puro de maíz.”

The elements of authenticity go beyond the food with her well-used comal, colorful cookware, and her now-signature lavender apron ’cause we all know abuelitas have to have their aprons.

In the video “Quesadillas de Comal y Atolito de Avena” she wanders her garden picking flores de calabaza for the meal. Like a true grandma, she’s also not always exact in her measurements, instead suggesting you use “a gusto” while heaping two spoonfuls of sugar into the atolito de avena.

Like the iconic Julia Child, she’s also not trying to be perfect, she just wants to make food that’s sabrosa and has no problem sharing when something didn’t turn out exactly as expected. “Me quedo un poquito picocita la salsa, pero se las prepare con mucho gusto” she says about her tomatillo and chile salsa, which she made using a molcajete.

In that same video, she assures people her chimenea is clean after she said people commented on it being “mugrosa,” proving online trolls will criticize anyone — even a grandma.

And in her latest video, Doña Ángela explains that her daughter, who does the filming, has shared that she’s been getting many interview request but is too shy to speak with journalists. Like a true grandma, she’s humble asking that “espero que me entiendan” but she’s also proud of her work, saying “me quedo muy rico.”

She also launched a Facebook page called De Mi Rancho A Tu Cocina which has more than 100k followers and has allowed her to reach even more followers interested in learning more about cooking Mexican food.

Already a beloved figure online for reminding everyone of their own abuelita, Doña Ángela has also received support and respect for bringing traditional Mexican dishes into people’s homes and doing so with love and authenticity.

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