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Mexican Actresses Deny Involvement in Conspiracy Against Yalitza Aparicio

Are Mexican actresses conspiring against Yalitza Aparicio? That’s the message proposed earlier this week when Rossana Barro tweeted that she had come across a chat in which Mexican actresses wanted to ban Aparicio from being nominated for an Ariel — the Mexican Academy of Film Award — an equivalent to the Oscar award.

She tweeted: “I found out about chat between Mexican actresses who are organizing to ask the Mexican Academy of Film Arts and Sciences that Yalitza Aparicio should not be considered for an Ariel Best Actress award. It’s the most mediocre, pathetic, vile thing I’ve ever heard. I’ll say no more.” That claim alone, whether true or false, is despicable.

The rumor circulated even further after Gerardo Escareño, a YouTube vlogger for his show Vaya-Vaya TV, released the names of six actresses who he claims were part of this conspiracy against Aparicio. Those accused are Blanca Guerra, Laura Luz, Vanessa Bauche, Regina Orozco, Dolores Heredia, and Carmen Zavaleta.

Some of those named have come out against those accusations to say the rumor about this chat is false, and they have had no part in trying to conspire against Aparicio.

“Dear Gerardo, this came to me, and I want to tell you that I am not in that chat,” Orozco tweeted. “For me, #YalitzaAparicio deserves all the prizes that she gets. I respect the opinions of each of my colleagues. The prizes are recognition, and it’s even better if a Mexican wins the award.”

Zavaleta also tweeted: “I have not been, nor will I be in a chat that denigrates or disqualifies a woman who has made us live unforgettable moments on the screen.”

Bauche replied to the original tweet and tweeted: “Dear @LaBarro I hope this is just unfounded gossip. Only a person sick in the head and soul would ever condemn the success of a compatriot.”

Jealousy in any industry will happen whether we like it or not. However, we would want to take this time to praise, applaud, and rejoice over the number of nominations Aparicio has received already for her role in Roma, including for her Oscar nomination.

Furthermore, Aparicio should pay no mind to the haters. Just listen to the fabulous words by performer Niurka Marcos. She tells Aparicio “enjoy life, even more, when people are speaking badly about you. Listen to this older wise woman; they are just envious of you.”

We need to get her words on a t-shirt asap!