15 Hilarious Latina Mom Memes We Can All Relate To

Being a mom can be challenging at times

Photo: Unsplash/tylercaseyprod

Photo: Unsplash/tylercaseyprod

Being a mom can be challenging at times. We have all had our moments growing up with our own mothers, claiming that we’d do things better when the time came for us to have kids. Then we turn around and next thing you know, we’ve turned into our mothers.

It suddenly hits us, she was right when she said: “This is going to hurt me more than it does you.” The following 15 memes hit so close to home that it’s hard to admit we haven’t gone down that road with our own mamis or experienced the same with our kids now. 

Christmas Morning

Every year we say we’re not going to splurge on the kids for Christmas. As kids, we pleaded for gifts from Santa Claus, hoping and praying they would be under that tree come Christmas morning. We tell our kids how they were sold out, and dish out little white lies knowing all too well we stood in line for hours just to grab a hold of that toy of the season that you happened to find the last one of. 

El Cucuy

Who wasn’t afraid of El Cucuy? If you grew up in a Mexican household, you were always warned about El Cucuy if you didn’t behave, go to sleep, or eat your food. That storied tale of the monster lurking around, just waiting to get you if you misbehaved or didn’t listen to your parents.

I’ll Give You Something to Cry About

Te calmas o te calmo? Who didn’t hear them mom say this a zillion times before? No one! It happened every time you’d throw a crying fit about what seemed so important at the time, but to your mom, it really wasn’t the end of the world. All it took was that look, and you knew she was going to give you something to cry about. 

The Dishes

7 Relatable Mexican Mom Memes HipLatina

Photo: Memesmonkey.com

We all love our mami’s cooking, but when it came time to clean up, everyone would suddenly disappear. Your brothers, sisters — even your cousins — couldn’t escape cleaning up. Mom cooked, and the kids cleaned what felt like a week’s worth of dishes. Let’s face it, not many Latina moms growing up were suggesting to use the dishwasher. Whether she had one in the house or not, she expected you to wash those dishes the good ol’ fashion way. 


All Latina moms know the best remedy for anything is a nice hot bowl of caldo. These stews are normally loaded with veggies, chicken or beef — all the nutrients to make that cold or flu go away. But don’t let her find out you opened up a can of Progresso, and call that caldo. No, you have to make it from scratch with lots of love, and it’s sure to do the trick.

La Chancla

 7 Relatable Mexican Mom Memes HipLatina

Photo: Memesmonkey.com

Any Mexican mom would fit right into a professional sports league the way they throw the chancla, or anything at you for that matter when you make them mad. The force, speed, and technique are to be commended. Don’t even think about running cause she will get you every time!

Vapor Rub

The cure for everything according to mami is Vick’s Vaporru. Enough said! Your nose is runny, smell some Vicks. You have a headache, rub some Vicks on your forehead. Your toe hurts, put some Vicks on it. Have a bug bite? Slather on some Vicks. The possibilities are too many and endless to count. Just do yourself a favor, and keep a bottle of it by your nightstand.

The Oven = Storage

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Even if there is enough storage elsewhere in the kitchen, Latina moms will almost always stuff the pots and pans they use the most in the oven. Really clever idea, except when you actually want to bake something and have to proceed to remove each and every item out of there first. Or accidentally preheat the oven before you realize there is something in there!

Saturday Mornings at Club Clean

Photo: Memesmonkey.com

We all love hearing loud music, especially on a Saturday! Except when it’s at 8 a.m. (or earlier) and we know that it means we are all going to be cleaning the house for the next few hours. Latina moms love to turn up the volume on the stereo and play Spanish songs that will get them pumped and serve as their limpiando soundtrack.

Save Those Grocery Bags, M’ija!

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You can thank us Latinas for being among the first recyclers. Because we love to save plastic grocery bags to use after for all kinds of things. As garbage bags, for transporting leftovers in Tupperware, covering up a hair dye job — you name it. And this extended to containers too. How many times have you opened a Danish cookie tin to find sewing supplies or a butter container to find beans?

Bending Time

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Latina moms are slick. They can bend time to their own advantage. When they are hanging out with their friends, they’ll say it’ll only be a minute, and several hours pass. But when it’s time to wake us up or get us to do something, 6:42 automatically becomes 7 a.m. (or worse).

You’re Going Out?!

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Going out, especially when we were kids is way more difficult if you’re from the Latinx community. Instead of saying, “hey, go and have a good time,” we are met with 5,000 questions and statements. “Did you clean your room? This is not a hotel! Take a chaperone! Oh, but you won’t spend time with me at home! What’s the number of the person/people you will be with? Siempre en la calle!”

You’re Tired?!

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This is something you realize when you’re older. Adulting is hard and tiring; add to that being a mom and being a Latina mom at that. Your work never ends and you’re always multi-tasking at all times. So when we would say we were tired as kids or teens, our moms wanted to strangle us. “Tired, de que?! What exactly do you do, because I do everything around here!”

What Do You Mean, “I Can’t Find It?!”

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Sometimes, we can’t find things that are literally in front of our faces. Other times, we have to play the game of “where would my mom put this particular item?” Either way, if we ask our Latina moms, who spend so much time cleaning and organizing the house to perfection where something is, it’s going to piss her off. Often, we would hear the classic, “If I find this…” That’s when you know, you’ve lost.

You’ll Catch a Resfriado!

Photo: Memesmonkey.com

Latina moms are so extra because they love us so much AND because they can’t help it. They would love nothing more than for us to perpetually live in a bubble of protection. Who hasn’t heard the classic (and false!) statements that if we sleep with our hair wet, walk barefoot, or go outside without a sweater or jacket, we will get sick?

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