15 Mexican-Owned Restaurants Across the U.S. to Visit on Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo is here and, happily, we’re all celebrating by eating tacos and drinking tequila. JUST KIDDING! Those of us who aren’t ignorant know that Cinco de Mayo isn’t actually Mexico’s Independence Day and it is NOT celebrated all over our neighbor to the south by everyone indulging in the country’s favorite food or drink. Cinco de Mayo, in fact, is a super Americanized holiday that commemorates the Battle of Puebla and has little to do with what actually happens in Mexico on May 5th (though the region of Puebla does celebrate it).

However, just because you know that this holiday isn’t the Mexican version of St. Patty’s Day doesn’t mean that there isn’t a perfectly wonderful and appropriately festive way to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. Instead of going the super gross/drunk American route, what you CAN do to support Mexicans on Cinco de Mayo (whether you’re Mexican-American, or simply a fan of the culture and food like I am) is visit some Mexican-owned businesses. And because you’re probably still craving those tacos and tequila, we’ve come up with this awesome list of 15 Mexican-owned restaurants all across the U.S. that you should visit on Cinco de Mayo.

1. La Guelaguetza in Los Angeles, CA. 

This family-owned restaurant is a delicious way to spend the day in sunny Los Angeles. 




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