5 Ways to Help Mexico After 7.1 Earthquake Leaves More Than 200 Dead

Yesterday afternoon, Mexico City experienced a 7

Photo: Unsplash/@jorgeaguilar

Photo: Unsplash/@jorgeaguilar

Yesterday afternoon, Mexico City experienced a 7.1 earthquake that reportedly has left more than 200 people dead. The epicenter of quake was in the state of Puebla, just three hours south of Mexico City, but was felt in three states, including the capital and Morelos. Yesterday’s earthquake landed on the anniversary of the historic 8.1. quake felt in 1985 in Mexico that killed roughly 10,000 people. The epicenter is also about 400 miles from the 8.1 earthquake that hit in Oaxaca on Sept. 8.

The images and videos from yesterday’s disaster are truly horrific.



One of the biggest tragedies is that out of the hundreds dead, many of them are children. The image below shows a collapsed school that left about 20 students dead, many remain trapped.

Many of us all over the world are feeling helpless and wondering what we can do help Mexico rebuild and support them during this incredible time of need.

There’s countless of ways to help, but we’re highlighting ones that are most legit and connected to trusted names in order to avoid confusion about fund distribution.

1. The Red Cross and Amazon Mexico have joined forces to collect money and supplies. Just visit Amazon.com and you will be directed to the Fuerza Mexico page.

2. Topos Mexico, a rescue team is accepting donations via PayPal.

3. UNICEF Mexico is a great organization that is helping children in Mexico.

4. Donate to Oxfam Mexico who also experienced damage to their offices.

5. Project Paz, a nonprofit, is taking up a collection for the people in Mexico.

It’s also important to remember the people of Mexico haven’t even had time to gather their thoughts and understanding of what they just experienced. The recovery process will take lots of time and they need our encouragement and support. If we can’t help with money, we can encourage through positive thoughts and prayers.

Mexico has survived much worse and we can help them get through this together.

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