Mexico City Judge Rules Mattel Must Stop Selling Frida Barbie Doll

The family of Frida Kahlo have scored a major victory in the battle against Mattel

Photo: Unsplash/@gabiontheroad

Photo: Unsplash/@gabiontheroad

The family of Frida Kahlo have scored a major victory in the battle against Mattel. But then again that victory largely depends on which family of Frida‘s you’re referring to. On April 18, according to the official Frida Kahlo estate Twitter account, a judge in Mexico City ruled that Mattel must stop selling the Frida Kahlo Barbie doll.

Even further, the statement says that the Supreme Court Justice ordered that the Frida Kahlo Corporation — owned by another Frida niece Isolda Pineda — must also stop using the “brand, image and work of the illustrious painter Frida Kahlo without consent of the owners image and trademark rights of Frida Kahlo.”

This victory is huge for Mara Romero — Frida’s great niece — who has continuously claimed that the Frida Kahlo Corporation has been selling and misusing the image of Frida for various products for years. The injunction by the judge means that the Frida Barbie doll cannot be sold in Mexico, at least until the matter is resolved between Romero and Pineda, and that matter can take years.

“This Barbie doll is meant to honor Frida Kahlo’s great legacy and story,” Mattel said in a statement Friday, according to the Guardian. “We followed the correct steps to secure permission and look forward to the matter being resolved in court.”

The Frida Kahlo Corporation issued the following statement to Reuters: “It will continue its activities within the framework of respect for the law and in the exercise of its constitutional rights. Since the relatives of Isolda Pineda have not put forward their claim, within the period established by law and as indicated by the judge, these precautionary measures must be declared unsubstantiated in the coming hours,” the corporation said.

For some reason or another, Isolda Pineda and her family have not commented on the injunction or addressed the matter. It will be very interesting to see how this matter between Frida’s family plays out in court.

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