Meet Mia Garcia, an 11-Year-Old Tejana Singer, That People Are Calling the ‘Next Selena’

Calling any artist the “next Selena” would put an immense amount of pressure on them

Photo: Facebook/miamusictx

Photo: Facebook/miamusictx

Calling any artist the “next Selena” would put an immense amount of pressure on them. Could anyone seriously replace the late Tejano singer? The likelihood of something like that actually happening is improbable. However, there is a new artist artist in the Tejano music scene that is thrilling audiences and reminding them of Selena Quintanilla. Here’s why…

Mia Garcia, an 11-year-old singer from Texas, is wowing people all over the country with her pop Tejano music. Sounds familiar right? Well this young entertainer also just won Best New Female Artist on Saturday at the Tejano Music Awards, becoming the youngest artist to ever win that award. Selena was also the recipient of that award. And just to make the whole experience even cooler, Mia was presented the award by Selena’s dad, Abraham Quintaniila Jr.

During her acceptance speech, Mia — who was very emotional — thanked God, her family, and her parents for always supporting her. Here’s the speech below.

“Last night was magical! A dream come true. At 11 years young, I earned the award for this years Tejano Music Awards for Best NEW Female Artist 2018,” she wrote on Facebook. “I want to say thank you to Mr. Abraham Quintanilla and Isabel Marie for presenting it to me. I have looked up to Isabel, your family and continue to follow your journey. All the glory and honor to God for blessing me with my talents to share with all my family, friends, and fans. God is Good! Thank you to all the radio stations terrestrial and online…Remember to never let anyone tell you that you’re to young or to old to follow your dreams. Si yo puedo tu puedes!”

Mia is somewhat a veteran in the music industry. We say that playfully because the young performer has been singing since she was 5-years-old and has been encouraged to embrace her musical talents because her mom and dad are also musicians.

“Singing has always been the perfect outlet for me,” Mia wrote on Facebook. “My ambitions are to become a recognized singer and one-day sing with Shakira. I also would like to lead by example by encouraging other kids to dream big and succeed. I love cumbia and pop music most of all.”

While she’s making history, music, and performing, Mia still makes time to be a kid after all. “During my spare time I spend it doing gymnastics, karate, playing guitar, and singing.”

She seems pretty unstoppable to us, and we can’t wait to see more of this incredible singer. We’ll leave you with one of her songs from 2015.

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