This New Version Of the Lotería Game Is Perfect For the Woke Generation

So there’s a new version of the Lotería upon us

Photo: Unsplash/@irvinmac

Photo: Unsplash/@irvinmac

So there’s a new version of the Lotería upon us. This is kind of amazing because we’re a little tired of playing the old standard Lotería that is — at this point ancient. And while there’s been different versions of the Lotería game out there, they really don’t compare to this. I’ll explain why in a second.

First up, the genius creator of the “Millennial Lotería” is named Mike Alfaro and he said he invented this new version for the next generation of Lotería lovers.

Vivala writer Ymijan Baftijari interviewed Alfaro and said that he had an idea of reinventing the Mexican game after visiting his family in Guatemala.

“My parents and siblings still live there, and I had these great memories of us playing Lotería when I was growing up,” The 29-year-old L.A. resident told Vivala. “But when I started looking at the old cards, I realized how outdated some of the images were. I think Latino women don’t just wanna be La Dama, they would identify more with La Feminist. If you’ve ever been to Coachella or gone on Snapchat, you probably relate more to La Flower Crown than La Corona.”

That is so freakin’ clever and completely true! The amazing thing about this version of Lotería is that the changes are so subtle yet so sophisticated. Other artists have totally changed the game, which is great, but it sort of makes us nostalgic for the old one. Alfaro’s version have more of an underlying truth of today’s world. And yes, some of them are completely different, like El Unicorn — which is a shout out to Starbucks — and El Bad Ombre that speaks volumes of our obsession with hair.

I consider myself a product of globalization,” Alfaro said to Vivala. “I grew up in Guatemala for 17 years, but I watched everything from ‘The Simpsons’ to ‘Friends’ on cable. American TV had a big influence on me. So I think it’s no surprise that the work I create is both Latino and American. It’s just a reflection of who we are today, not the old stereotypes of yesterday,” he said.

Check out some of our favorite cards! And if you’re in the buying mood, click here.

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