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8 Mini Dessert Ideas Your Guests Will Love This Thanksgiving

After we’ve stuffed our faces on Thanksgiving it can be hard to even think about dessert, but you know we always manage to make room. One way to make dessert a lot more simpler to digest after a feast is to create bite-size treats for your guest to nibble on. This way they can taste multiple options, while not being overwhelmed by huge portions. Plus, how cute are things single-serving desserts?! Here are seven mini dessert ideas your guests will love.

Mini Pumpkin Pies


Everyone is expecting a yummy pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving, but no one is probably expecting something as cute as these tasty treats. Recipe here.

Chef Susie Jimenez shares tips on make-ahead mini desserts.

Mini Apple Caramel Trifles

Caramel goodness and fresh apples – sounds like perfection. Recipe here.

Mini Butterscotch Apple Meringue Pie

You can make mini pies using your muffin tin. Use a round cookie cutter for individual pie crust. Bake off the pie crust and add the filling with cinnamon sprinkle.

Mason Jar Pumpkin Creme Brûlée

How cute are these little mason jars! You can find the recipe here. Or, are you up to thinking outside of the box? Try experimenting with your flan by adding pumpkin.

Pumpkin Alfajores

Delicate flaky cookies, fine powdered sugar, decadent dulce de leche – Peruvian alfajores have it all. Don’t worry, you still get that ooey gooey dulce de leche center in this version. The pumpkin puree, instead, takes this cookie to another level. Qué Rica Vida has the recipe to this awesomeness right here.

Sweet Potato Marshmallow Bars

This super simple recipe with a mouthwatering presentation, how can you miss with this one?! Recipe Here

Pumpkin Spice Pan Dulce

Pan dulce is a classic; nothing has to be done to this sweet Mexican bread. However, blogger Katherine over at The Young Austinian decided to remix it for fall by adding pumpkin, spice, and everything nice. Check out the recipe here.