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Missy Elliott Is Officially Back With New EP and “Throw It Back” Single

Move over Taylor Swift, there’s another hot drop today! It’s been 14 years since we’ve heard new music from Missy Elliott and the wait is finally over. The 48-year-old Virginia rapper released a five-track EP titled “Iconology” that she produced alongside longtime collaborator Timbaland, as well as Wili Hendrix. Her first single off this album is “Throw It Back” and were living for it.

Watch the video below:

“Throw It Back” is officially going to be on replay for the rest of 2019. We love how the track embodies the slick dance beats that Missy Elliot is known for, and her signature rap stylings as well. The video itself is classic Missy.

The video starts with Teyana Taylor educating a young girl about who Missy Elliot is. “The innovator of all innovators,” Taylor says. Be sure to keep your third eye open because there’s a lot going on in the video, so pay attention! We love how Missy used her own braids as a jump rope and real afros were used as pom poms.


Missy also commemorated this iconic comeback by posting a touching Instagram giving a shoutout to her fans and letting us know that she’s back, bringing it old school style. “This year has been a tremendous year for me…I am humbled and grateful,” Missy wrote in her caption. “THANK YOU for allowing me to smell the roses. You, my fans, and God are the reason I am here and have celebrated every milestone with me! So, I have a SURPRISE for you… let’s continue the celebration at midnight tonight… I’m dropping a collection of new songs! Let’s #ThrowItBack to a time when music just felt good and made us want to dance! Sincerely, Dr. Melissa ‘Missy’ Elliott #Iconology.”

The rest of the EP includes four other songs, “Cool Off,” “DripDemeanor (Feat. Sum 1),” “Why I Still Love You?” and “Why I Still Love You? (Acapella.) ” We’re confident each one will be accompanied by a video, at least we hope so!

While this is the first time we’re getting a new project from Missy, she hasn’t been a complete stranger in the music industry. She recently collaborated with Lizzo on her track “Tempo,” and also joined forces with Ariana Grande, Kelly Rowland and Busta Rhymes, and Ciara.

This drop of this EP is perfectly timed to coincide with her huge honor at the MTV VMAs. She will be the recipient of their Video Vanguard Award on August 26.