Monday Motivation: Getting Out of Bed when “It’s Just Another Manic Monday”

We all know this, sometimes facing Monday mornings is an incredibly difficult task

Photo: Unsplash/@emmamatthews

Photo: Unsplash/@emmamatthews

We all know this, sometimes facing Monday mornings is an incredibly difficult task. Your phone alarm rings, (and I don’t care how pleasant iOS 10’s new bedtime app is, I still want to hit snooze constantly) you inwardly groan, pull the covers back over your head and say “NOOOOO.” How is it that we can stay motivated to get out of bed on those Monday mornings?


Don’t hit snooze (no matter how tempting it is)

I’m so guilty of this, it’s not even funny. You just think you’ll be ready to face the world after those five-seven minutes, that somehow turns into twenty.  But hitting snooze is detrimental because it screws with the body’s internal clock. Our body is preparing us to wake up about two hours before we wake up, and when we hit snooze our body resets and shuts down those mechanisms, meaning that once you do finally get up after hitting snooze you are only bound to feel groggier, and definitely less motivated to face the day.

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Remember that Keeping Busy is Always Best (Even if You’re Feeling Overwhelmed)

Sometimes hiding in bed feels like it will cure all the ills of your world, but unfortunately, the world keeps spinning even if we want everything to just pause for a moment. Even if you can get up and accomplish the smallest tasks to get you started on your day you will feel better. We’re all just trying to keep it together in this mad, mad world. Sometimes we have to give ourselves credit for doing what we can.

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Make a To-Do List (Even if you Don’t Stick to It)

If you can break all your tasks down into increments that seem manageable, it will be easier to stay motivated. You won’t be bogged down by the seemingly impossible pile of things to get done. And you can take it slowly. The more you do, the more you realize you can do, and that you can handle.

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wp_*postsTreat-Yo-self: Give Yourself Incentives

If you can think of ways to reward yourself for getting stuff done, why not do it? Are you dying to watch the latest episode of The Voice or Westworld? Wait until you’ve gotten something done, whether it be big or small. Then you’ll learn that sometimes it is okay to reward yourself, give yourself your own motivation. It’s a great way to be able to make yourself happy, even if it’s in a small way. Pick your favorite polish!

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