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Monique Munoz’s Family Refuses Financial Settlement from Millionaire

In the weeks following the tragic death of Monique Munoz in a car accident where a 17-year-old was driving 120 mph before crashing into her car, Munoz’s family is calling for justice. The 32-year-old was driving home on Olympic Boulevard and Overland Avenue in Los Angeles when she was hit by the teen driving a Lamborghini on Feb.17. The boy, who is the son of Beverly Hills millionaire James Khuri, was booked on vehicular manslaughter Feb. 23 according to the Los Angeles Police Department but he was not charged. Now more than a month later the family continues to seek justice and many are  calling out Khuri for allegedly attempting to use his money and privilege to keep the story from coming out.

After supporters found Khuri’s Instagram and demanded justice he shut off commenting and eventually released a statement on March 10:

“I am aware that the time it has taken me to communicate this has caused further pain for everyone affected. Knowing that this will never do justice for the family of Monique Munoz, I want to apologize to the Munoz family for the tragic loss of their daughter. There are no words I can say to alleviate the pain that you are experiencing. And I realize none of my words or action will be able to bring back your daughter. Still, I want to offer my support in any way you will allow me to. My family and I pray for the Munoz family.”

Munoz’s mother, Carol Cardona, told L.A. Taco that she had dreams of becoming a wife and mom and one day buying her own home. She had just started working at UCLA Health as an administrative assistant in the Beverly Hills Oncology Department and planned to go to law school.

“Her future was bright,” Cardona said. “She would always go that extra mile with anything she did, and she would bend over backward for people, and that’s exactly what we’re going to do for her.”

There were reports that the family was negotiating a settlement with Khuri however Cardona denied that and told L.A. Taco she also has not received a personal apology from Khuri and called his public statement “fake”.

“My daughter was killed, she was my everything, she was my best friend, and now she’s gone. Instead of planning her future wedding, I had to plan a funeral for her,” she said. “So no, no amount of money is going to bring my baby back.”

LA District Attorney George Gascón did not confirm if any charges have been made and released a statement to Inside Edition Digital saying the case is “under review”.

“We have purpose. We have a direction. We have this responsibility to Monique to give her a voice, to speak for her, to give her justice and to just show her that we’re here for her,” said Stephanie Crespin, the victim’s cousin told ABC.