How Latinas in Power Can Check Other People’s Privilege

Day after day, we’re seeing Latinas secure positions of power and demand their voices be heard. While it’s happening across every sector— from Hollywood to the government to social mediathere is one Latina woman who sets the bar for using positions of power to dismantle and check privilege in all its forms. We sat down with the fierce and compassionate Panama-born and bred master coach herself, Lisa Fabrega, to get her perspective on how—with all the new opportunities to be heard- Latinas can use their platform to call out privilege.

Lisa posed a powerful question, asking us “what is leadership if we can’t stand up for the difficult issues—if we can’t make way for the healing?” In addition to modeling bold Latina leadership on her social pages, she shared a few unforgettable gems about how to “honor your platform” with integrity and make a difference.

Call out injustice to make real change.

How Latinas in Power Can Check Other People’s Privilege Hiplatina


While many people go into the business of coaching, or other service-based industries, with the intent to make a difference, Lisa sees an egregious disconnect between saying you want to make a difference and not calling out other people’s privilege and micro-aggressions within your industry.

“A lot of women in the coaching industry, whether white or white-passing or light skin Latina, really identify with wanting to help others and be of service to the world,” Lisa tells HipLatina. “And I literally don’t understand the disconnect between saying you want to do that and not being willing to talk about issues that impact the world negatively like racism, sexism, body shaming, etc.”

She suggests women who commit to a career in change-making call out injustices in the best way they know how—even when it’s messy. “Let’s get clear on what being a ‘light worker’ means—its not pretending everything is beautiful. It’s about sticking your hand ‘in the you know what’ and ‘clearing the shizz of humanity.’ That’s what light workers are here to do.”

Simply put, don’t hesitate to take on the full work of calling out injustices and fully committing to your role as a change maker.  




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