A Beginner’s Guide to Moon Magic According to Astrologer Esoteric Esa

The moon has been revered by many ancient cultures across the world for centuries


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The moon has been revered by many ancient cultures across the world for centuries. Specifically, our ancestors of the Aztec, Incan, Mayan, and Toltec civilizations have relied on the moon for many sacred purposes and rituals. The Cosmology of our indigenous ancestors is an original outlook on Astronomy that hasn’t been perceived as a respective form of Science by the lens of the Western White centric academia. However, the moon and other planets have had a longstanding relationship with our cultures, bodies, intuition and manifestation abilities. If you’re just now hearing about moon magic and aligning your ritual work with Madre Luna, welcome to the coven. Mother Moon and her feminine essence has been awaiting you!



What Does the Moon Represent?

The moon is a feminine archetype that is associated with everyone’s inner divine feminine energy. In Astrology, the moon is associated with the element of Water and rules Mondays.
Known for ruling physical bodies of water such as our oceans, you can expect her to influence our own bodies, which contains about 60 percent of water according to the U.S. Geological Survey.

You’ll want to work with the moon to gain illumination in areas of your life that require clarity, change or progress. There are two main lunar phases that are commonly used for healing and manifestation work: the new moon and full moon. However, there are more intrinsic qualities of the moon you might want to consider gaining familiarity with to create a well-rounded approach to moon magic.


Learning the Phases of the Moon

New moon phase
This is when you set an intention to manifest,

Waxing Crescent moon phase
This is where you embody your intention thru behaviors to set it into motion.

First quarter moon phase
This is where you take action and initiate steps needed to propel the intention.

Waning Gibbous moon phase
This is where you embody faith and surrender to the outcome.

Full moon phase
You come full circle with reaping your results and receive closure with the intention.

Disseminating moon phase
The most important phase in my humble opinion, you sit in gratitude for the results of your intention.

Last Quarter moon phase
This is a time where you identify obstacles and create open roads for the manifestation to continue coming in or to allow more momentum.

Balsamic moon phase
This is the rest phase. Circulate energy, gratitude and wealth back into the universe.


Manifesting with New Moon Phases

New moons are notoriously known as opportunities for initiating new beginnings. You’ll want to work with a new moon lunar cycle when you’re ready to begin working with a new intention. Understanding the particular zodiac sign the new moon will transit in alleviates confusion by allowing one to better understand the emphasis of focus that zodiac sign will bring into their life. This will help you harness your intention to a key focus as well. For example, if there is a new moon in Taurus, you’ll want to see what Taurus represents in the zodiac and better understand how you can align your intentions with the energy of Taurus to strengthen its manifestation outcome.

There are many divination tools and magical methods you can work with for new moon rituals. You’ll want to see what you gravitate toward to your liking. You might find you work better with candle manifestation or with writing prompts. There’s no incorrect way to manifest with the new moon.

To get started, you’ll want to outline dates in your calendar for upcoming new moons and identify the zodiac sign they’re falling in. For the soonest new moon, you’ll want to sit in reflection and mindfulness to address where in your life you’re ready to embark on new quests. Intentions can be centered around personal healing, opportunities or amplifying strengths. Let your intuition guide you with the inspiration of your intention. You’ll want to write out or in your mind, narrow down your intention and write it in present tense format. You can follow-up with a specific ritual that is self-guided or shared by other fellow spiritualists.


Uses for New Moons

Create new beginnings.
Build new opportunities.
Initiate healing and progression.

Manifesting with Full Moon Phases

Full moons are portals for closure, culmination and graduation. The full moon lunar phase is symbolic of closing chapters and letting go. This is an opportunity to release in our lives. You’ll want to work with a full moon lunar cycle when you are ready to ask the universe to assist you with completion. Similar to what was stated with new moons, you’ll want to be aware of the zodiac sign the full moon falls under. As this will help you better harness the energy of the full moon so it is in alignment with your intention. For example, if there’s a Scorpio full moon, you’ll want to learn what Scorpio represents and how it’s influencing your current epiphany. As with new moons, you can implement ritual work. Full moons are dramatic and potent. You must be ready to manifest what you’re asking for as full moons will be sure to magnify your intention. Full moons aren’t always easy and aren’t about grace. Full moon magic is meant to rid us of anything unserving no matter how easy or hard it is to release our grips. Full moons are amazing for shadow work and identifying our darker aspects of our souls.


Uses for Full Moons

Releasing and shedding old self.
Observing and integrating shadow self.
Letting go and evolving.

There’s no particular time needed to manifest with the new moon or full moon. However, you can take a look at your time zone and pin point when the moon will reach its peak according to your location in order to commence any ritual work. However, it is not mandatory.

Lunar phases tend to last two weeks. Allow the energy of your intention to manifest at least two weeks and abroad. If you’re working with Solar and Lunar eclipses, you’ll want to be mindful of all the planetary transits as they are much more advanced cycles to work with and you’ll want to be aware of how you’re co-creating with these exaggerated energies. It is often times advised by witches and occultists not to manifest or do ritual work with Solar and Lunar eclipses as they can create backlash. I am an advocate of following the direction of your intuition and the assistance of your spirit guides when it comes to those lunar phases. Not all Solar and Lunar eclipses are dead zone periods.

Have fun with the moon and get to know her on an intimate level by moonbathing under her light or by setting your crystals out at night to be cleansed under a full moon. Ultimately, moon magic is less about self-serving agendas and more about the expansion of intimacy within self. Allow the moon to guide and nurture you in your journey of healing. She is soft and powerful. She reminds us that we don’t need to exert dominance to hold such grace and influence. Allow her wisdom to illuminate all the possibilities within you. You are as old as The Big Bang Theory and as cosmic as the stars. You are consciousness in human form.
May you manifest wisely.

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