Spiritual Non-Traditional Healing Modalities for Self-care

Virginia Isaad
Dealing with everyday life can be exhausting, especially when there’s a pandemic happening. Here at HipLatina, we value the importance of spiritual self-care. We figured you could use a little love and could consider learning more about two spiritual non-traditional...

Your Weekly Tarotscope for January 13- Jan 19, 2019 Revealed

Theme of the Week: 5 of Wands Some things may have been rehashed or been brought back to the surface recently, and now we have to deal with them. What we want to do is handle this assertively, but not...

Olivia Cabrera Is Breaking The Stigma Associated With “Bruja” Spirituality

V. Alexandra de F. Szoenyi
Twenty-three-year-old Olivia Jae Cabrera may be young, but she has managed to become more connected to the world (and beyond) than most people twice her age. The professional astrologer and tarot reader has been using her intuitive gifts to help...