Deranged Mother Kills 11-Year-Old Daughter so She’d Never Have Sex

Most parents will say that having “the talk” with their child, isn’t comfortable for either person

Photo: Twitter/@OrangeCoSheriff

Photo: Twitter/@OrangeCoSheriff

Most parents will say that having “the talk” with their child, isn’t comfortable for either person. It’s hard to see children grow up. A parent, however, should never hinder their growing process, despite the difficultness of letting go. For a mother from Orlando, Florida, she took her paranoia about sex to a disciple level.

Rosa Alcides Rivera, 28, told officers that she killed her 11-year-old daughter to prevent her from having sex. The concept of that thought and action is too much for one to take, but for her kid, it cost her her life. Rivera showed up to the hospital with her dead daughter who had been stabbed to death screaming “my baby is gone.” She initially told officers that a man had stabbed her daughter but had run away. She was the real culprit and they quickly realized that because she still had the bloodied knife on her. Rivera then confessed that she tried to make her daughter comfortable as she stabbed her to death in her car.

It’s unclear when Rivera’s delusional state began, but according to officials, she accused her daughter of having sex with the boyfriend of her own mom. She confronted her daughter and the man, but they both denied it. So what made this woman think that her 11-year-old daughter was having sex in the first place? According to the affidavit, Rivera said that her daughter was “smiling differently” and that gesture alone made her think she was behaving promiscuously.

“We’re all parents, we’re all mothers and fathers, and these cases are horrific and tragic, especially any time a child is killed, and then to know that this child was killed by a mother. Basically, a mother is the first line of defense to this sometimes very cruel world,” Orange County Sheriff John Mina said, according to a local CBS affiliate. “It’s very very hard on all of us in the community.”

A family friend alleges that Rivera has been behaving strangely for quite some time. She believes that her behavior on news programs is her attempt to act as if she was insane. But the friend claims “she knows what she was doing.”

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