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15 Things You Can Do For Your Mami Any Day of the Year

It’s nice that we are reminded each second Sunday of May to do something nice for our moms. But we should be honoring and making our moms feel special all the time! Don’t wait for that one day in May to do what you should be, and want to be doing more often. Of course, life gets in the way, but the things that matter always have a way of sticking out like sore thumbs. Besides, who wants to buy into a national consumer holiday and all those markups when you can easily perform the same gesture on a random day in August.

There are so many ways you can make your mom feel like the special lady she is any day of the year. And no one says it has to involve a ton of money! Feel free to splurge on pricey dinners, spa days, clothes, and jewelry, or whatever else you want to buy for your mom (or any other special mother figure in your life). But remember how we were taught that it’s the thought that counts?! Something special that we create ourselves involves that thought and time that can’t be bought. So, do everything with love. Here are 15 ways you can celebrate your mama any day of the year!

Give Her a Call!

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Yes, we’ve heard that timeless phrase, “call your mother,” but it’s true! Our lives are so busy that we often put the most important things — and people — on the back burner. Schedule some time to make time for mom. A good tip is to schedule a weekly call on your online calendar and set a daily reminder alarm on your phone. Just a few minutes on the phone will be so restorative for the both of you after a busy day or week, and these small moments mean a lot.

Say Thank You

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Being a mother is a thankless job. From the moment a woman becomes pregnant, all her focus shifts onto her baby, and she becomes secondary. We are so used to all the love, attention, and getting our needs met, that we forget to stop and say thank you. Those two words will mean so much to your mom when she realizes that you do acknowledge and appreciate all that she has done for you.

Buy Her Something Nice

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Why wait for May to get something nice for your mami? The stores the weeks leading to Mother’s Day are crowded with stressed-out people, prices are marked up, and the selection is generic and sometimes limited. Get your mom a great gift just because when you can calmly peruse stores and pick something that is perfect for her, not something generic that may not even resonate with her. It will be a great surprise and a thoughtful gift. This is not to say you should ignore a Mother’s Day gift; you can definitely get her something great on that day too!

Or Treat Her to a Spa Day

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Spa days, where you can spend time with your mom or go with her to have a relaxing, pampering day just for her, can happen any day of the year. It can include a mani-pedi, massage, facial treatments, or a trip to the hair salon. Moms almost always put themselves last, and we want them to start thinking of themselves first, so what better way than stressing the importance of self-care?

Take Mom to Dinner or Cook Dinner

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A natural thing everyone wants to do for Mother’s Day is taking mom to a fancy dinner. But good luck getting a reservation if you haven’t booked one ages in advance. Why not make her a fancy, home cooked meal? Or take her to dinner at a nice restaurant on another day of the year? It will be less crowded, less stressful for both of you, and a lot more special because it’s not on a day where dinner out together seems almost forced.

Visit Her More Often

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Whether she lives in another country, or next door, make more time to visit your mom. Time goes by quick, and we often regret the quality family time we didn’t have with our loved ones. Even if it’s just to hang out at the house and watch TV, or gossip about what’s going on with everyone — do it. It is quality time that means so much, so make it happen not just Mother’s Day but on any other day of the year, you have the opportunity to.

Send Her a Great Card Just Because

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Remember all those handmade cards you made for your mom during your early school days? She loved them because they were made by you. Don’t wait for Mother’s Day to send her a thoughtful card. Send her one just because, especially because in this digital age, we don’t send enough cards and letters anymore! There are so many funny, make-her-cry, just-because cards out there that will make her smile and warm her heart. You could also make a card yourself — that extra thought and personalization will not only resonate more but save you money.

Keep Mom Up to Date on Your Life

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Moms just want to know we are okay. They spend about 99.9% of their time worrying about if we are happy, safe, and successful. Whether it is a phone call or a text, let her know how you are doing. Keep the lines of communication open. You might not live at home anymore (or you do), but she doesn’t ever stop being your mom and you don’t ever stop being her child.

And Ask Her About Hers

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Moms have their own lives. Ask your mom about hers. Check in on her, and let her know you care and are pendiente of what’s going on in her life. Be her daughter, but also be her friend. Moms, especially Latina moms, don’t usually share a lot and often hold a lot in. But it’s always nice to show you care and want to know how she is doing by just checking in.

Send Her Flowers

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Everyone wants to buy flowers for their mom on Mother’s Day, and floral companies bank on this fact. Prices get marked up, everyone scrambles to get the best selection, and often, what’s left over isn’t that perfect arrangement you know your mama deserves. You don’t have to wait for Mother’s Day to get your mom flowers! Buy her a dazzling arrangement on her birthday or just because. You can also create your own thoughtful, customized arrangement with flowers from your garden or ones you pick up at the local store.

Understand Her

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One of the universal things everyone on the planet wants is to be understood. We spend what seems like a big chunk of our lives not only misunderstanding our moms but rebelling against what they say. A big way to say sorry for that and show you are an adult is to understand her and where she is coming from. That doesn’t mean you have to agree with everything she is saying, but take to understand her point of view.

Actually, Take Her Advice!

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Moms are wise. They have a ton of life experience and want nothing more than to share that with you — whether we want to hear it or not! We often spend time not wanting to hear what is actually really sage advice, until it’s time to hear “ahhh, te lo dije!” Taking the time to actually listen to your mom and take her guidance shows her that you respect and hear her. You don’t have to do everything she says, but at least hear her out and don’t react out of annoyance. Just let your mother know you will take what she says into consideration, and that you appreciate her endless help in your life.

Make Her Life Easier

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Your mom has done so much for you. It’s time to do more for your mom. Help her out whether it’s by being her shopping buddy, take out her garbage, cook for her sometimes, help her financially if you can, anticipate what she needs and help her with that. A little gesture of kindness and appreciation goes a long way, so think about what little ways you can show your appreciation for your mother and do it!

Organize a Fun Weekend Trip

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A fun change of scenery is a great pick me up, any day of the year. Why not take Mother’s Day weekend, or any free weekend of the year to go on a short getaway with your mom? You can make it a day trip, or a weekend extravaganza. It’s up to you. It’ll be a chance to bond with your mom and also relax and have fun in a different environment.

Appreciate Your Mom

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The biggest thing you can do for your mom, any and every day of the year is to love her and appreciate her. You don’t have to buy anything to share these sentiments — just tell her. Thank her for everything she has done for you in your life, and show that appreciation. That’s really all that moms want. Of course, gifts are a bonus!