#Motivation Monday: 7 Travel Memoirs to Inspire Your Next Journey

From our archives:

If you’ve read all the standard travel books for your dream destination, but long for another level of understanding of the place, to know how it actually feels to go there, consider one of these first rate memoirs. Travel memoirs provide many of the joys of pleasure travel (escapism, learning about a new culture, listening in on strange conversations, relaxation) without the stresses (heat, crowds, getting lost). Whether you are planning a trip at the moment or spending time at home, we recommend these adventure-filled tales for cold winter nights and poolside Miami afternoons alike. Let us know your favorite travel memoirs in the comments section or on Twitter @Hip_Latina.

Água Viva by Clarice Lispector
Agua Viva Claris Lispector

Of all the books listed here, this is the most unique in form—following the wandering train of thought of this intense Brazilian writer. She writes this narrative like a meandering philosopher, discovering the strangeness of the world around her. A wonderful and strange book that you shouldn’t miss.

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