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#Motivation Monday | How to Create Successful Resolutions for 2017 Part One

Every year January 1 appears and we reflect back on the previous year: good, bad, and what the heck happened?! Thinking a lot about ‘what the heck happened last year’ I am committed to helping people by improving situations that I believe can benefit from my energy. In 2017 I have decided to create my resolutions / intentions by month, with the understanding that continued repetition increases the chances of success.

January is about setting the intention of Abundance for the rest of the year. Central to our lives is our ability thrive while still paying our bills. Deborah Parrish wrote articles in 2016 guiding readers along for financial success. Take a look at a few of our favorites for your 2017 resource on Abundance.

Debunking Common Money Myths With Deborah Parrish

February is set for the practice of Mindfulness. Practicing self awareness can have far reaching benefits in other areas of life. Las fall I had an opportunity to see Hamilton the musical on Broadway. It was one of the most memorable experiences of the year, and one of the lyrics really hit home for me: “Talk less. Smile more”.  The song was Aaron Burr, Sir.

#MotivationMonday: Self-Care 5 Ways

March get organized. Take the month of March to strategize organizing your home. You can plan one room for each weekend of the month, then the process wont feel so daunting and by April 1, it will be a fresh new space for spring.

Saturday DIY Favorites: 5 Easy Organizing Tips For Fall and Winter

April is a great time to focus on an anti-stress activity. Guided mediation is my go-to daily practice that has been so instructive and grounding for me.

Living Carefree – A Meditation with Deepak Chopra

May let us set the intention for health by eating right, and setting good examples for our children around food and nutrition. HipLatina is collaborating with Carolyn Scott-Hamilton from the Healthy Voyager to bring you healthy eating inspiration.

How to Introduce Healthy Eating to Kids, In 5 Steps

June is time to get involved locally and find ways to give back in your community. Actively giving back has given us a tremendous sense of wellbeing, and we are sharing this experience with our children and their classmates. Over the year we have featured many non-profits and hope that one or two of them will inspire you to look for local opportunities to volunteer and giveback.

Sunday Gratitude Local Nonprofits to Volunteer With in NYC

#Gratitude Local Non-Profits Fighting AIDS in Chicago