The Best Nail Polish Color for You According to Your Sign

We are all doing at-home manicures, switching up the colors to match our moods and add some glam, cheer, and color during this dark time

Photo: Pexels

Photo: Pexels

We are all doing at-home manicures, switching up the colors to match our moods and add some glam, cheer, and color during this dark time. It’s always fun to learn about cool new polish hues, as well as those that work best for us.

Did you know that there are certain colors associated with your astrological sign? There are! We wanted to give you some new mani ideas by sharing some of the latest on-trend hues, alongside great classics, letting you know which of these colors are especially yours according to the zodiac.


Aries: Red

Photo: Chanel

Red is the power color for Aries. Every fashion season, the Pantone Color Institute reveals the Fashion Color Trend Report, which fills the industry, and everyone else, on what colors will be on-trend. For Spring/Summer 2020 NYFW, 12 colors were a part of the palette, including Flame Scarlet, a beautiful red-orange. Described as a “burning bright” hue that “exudes confidence and determination,” Flame Scarlet is also cropping up in stylish nail polishes; a cool option is Chanel’s Arancio Vibrante.

Chanel Arancio Vibrante Nail Polish, Available at, $28


Taurus: Green

Green is a color associated with Taurus (pink is also a Taurus hue). Spring is all about coming out of the winter reborn, and ready to bloom. It is the season of new greenery, so it’s no surprise that nails in all shades of green are going to be popular during these months. We have seen beautiful shades on nails, from soothing mint green to plant-like greens, to dark hunter green. CND’s Palm Deco is a perfect, cheery, tropical green for spring and summer.

CND Vinylux Weekly Polish in Palm Deco, Available at, $10.30


Gemini: Yellow

Spring was just made for sunny yellow, and the happy hue is Gemini’s signature. The color of the sun and cheery flowers, yellow is a big trend for nails this season, and year. You will see both pastel (like Essie’s Busy Beeline) or buttery versions of the hue, as well as a brighter, daffodil-like option (and of course neon yellow). It’s time to choose your favorite shade of yellow and rock it!

Essie Expressie Nail Polish in Busy Beeline, Available at, $8.99


Cancer: White

If you want a neutral mani with some added interest, then the milky white nail trend is a stylish option. Created to resemble milk, these nails strike a perfect balance between sheer and opaque. The result is beautiful, yet understated, perfect for Cancers, as white is their main color (silver and grey are also tied to the zodiac sign).

Kiara Sky Cream Nail Lacquer in Milky White, Available at, $8.50


Leo: Gold

Photo: Target

Warm orange and gold are the colors for the sign of Leo. Luckily, hues like cinnamon and metallic colors will be on-trend for 2020. For those who love a not-too-bright gold that doesn’t have glitter in it (although glitter will also be trending), we recommend Sally Hansen’s Go For the Gold polish.

Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Nail Color in Go For Gold, Available at, $4.59


Virgo: Brown

Photo: People of Color

Some rich, deep colors that you would associate with the fall and winter seasons will be trending for the spring of 2020. Like various shades of browns, a color linked to Virgos (as well as navy and olive green). They’re neutral but interesting and sophisticated but a breath of fresh air from dark burgundies and black. People of Color’s Mother of Earth, “a creamy dark brown,” is an especially gorgeous polish in the brown family.

People of Color Nail Polish, Available at, $12


Libra: Pastels

Photo: Selenia Beauty

We love to reach for pastels in spring; it’s almost an unconscious choice that we associate with spring flowers, Easter eggs, and the weather warming up. But the uplifting colors are also trending this year, which you can also attribute to the ’90s craze. Did you know that pastel colors are connected to Libras (as well as greenish blue)? This selection, entitled Bachata Rosa, by Selenia Beauty, is a perfect spring (and beyond) choice for Libras–or anyone else who loves a good pink polish.

Selenia Beauty Bachata Rosa Nail Polish, Available at, $12


Scorpio: Dark Red

Photo: Koh’ls

Dark red is a color Scorpio’s power color. It is also a stylish and classic choice for nails. OPI’s Como Se Llama, from the brand’s Peru collection, is a rich burgundy that will be chic on your nails in 2020, and beyond.

OPI Nail Lacquer Polish in Como Se Llama, Available at, $10.50


Sagittarius: Purple

Photo: ella + mila

From its Samba Collection, ella + mila’s Purple Reign combines purple with on-trend-for-2020 matte nail polish. And, the hue is a perfect choice for Sagittarius folks, as it’s their associated color.

ella + mila Purple Reign Nail Polish, Available at, $10.50


Capricorn: Black

Photo: YSL Beauté

Of course, chic black is a forever classic, but the dark hue will be trending for nails–in spring! The Capricorn hue (also dark brown) is such a stark departure for the lighter pastels many opt for during this season, looks striking, and will go with everything you wear it with.

Yves Saint Laurent La Laque Couture Nail Polish in Noir Overnoir, Available at, $28


Aquarius: Blue

Photo: Target

Perhaps it’s because Classic Blue is the Pantone Color of the Year, but blues of all shades will be trending in 2020. And, it’s probably no surprise that the hue is linked to the sign of Aquarius. Cool colors like this will relax you, and look ultra-cool against classic denim. Speaking of denim, we think this fun denim-inspired shade from Orly (Distressed Denim) is a perfect polish choice.

ORLY Breathable Treatment + Color Nail Polish in Distressed Denim, Available at, $8.99


Pisces: Light Green

Photo: Walmart

If you’re a Pisces, light greens such as sea green are your go-to color. They also make for a beautiful manicure in a soothing hue. OPI’s Mexico City Move-mint, from their Mexico City collection, is a great option for happy spring nails.

OPI Mexico City Move-mint Nail Polish, Available at, $9.95

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