27 Natural Sunscreens to Protect Your Skin This Summer

Spending time outside is so restorative. You feel the warm rays, absorb some vitamin D, and get to enjoy a moment in nature. All that fun you will have when the summer rolls around (or any day of the year), shouldn’t be at the cost of your beautiful skin and health. You have to get into the habit of protecting your skin whenever you venture outdoors.

But, obviously, you want to protect your skin without also harming your health. You see, traditional sunscreens and sunblock can be loaded with chemicals that seep into the skin and enter the bloodstream, causing problems such as hormone disruption. That’s why we wanted to compile this list of healthier, organic, and natural sunscreen options. Here we share a bit of information on each one, along with an honest review from someone who has purchased and used the product, as well as where to buy! Here’s to having some safe fun in the sun!

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