Child Gets In Trouble For Watching ‘Coco’ Without Her Friend

It’s pretty safe to say that almost every child has seen Coco at this point

Little Girl Saw Coco Without Her Friend HipLatina

Photo: YouTube/Los juguetes de Naty

It’s pretty safe to say that almost every child has seen Coco at this point. The Pixar movie about Day of the Dead was released in Mexico weeks before U.S. audiences got to see it during the Thanksgiving holiday. Box Office numbers for this wonderfully animated movie quickly broke records. So the point is, the public has spoken, everyone has seen the movie. Well, almost everyone. This Facebook video made it to my newsfeed yesterday and it’s the most hilarious thing ever.

Here’s a little backstory: Naty, the child featured in the video, went to see Coco and didn’t invite her friend along. Her friend confronted Naty about it, and the child straight up lied to her face! When she finally admits to having seen Coco and intentionally not invite her, the conversation takes a turn for the worst, but in the cutest and funniest way. Take a look:

I was so intrigued by this exchange that I couldn’t believe this little child! She behaved and talked just like a grown up. Upon further investigation, it was very apparent that this child, named Naty, had her own YouTube channel, and Facebook, and Instagram. Naty is a full fledged social media darling.

She has other hilarious videos including this one where she’s a taco vendor. It’s also her most popular one.

When I first saw Naty, I really had no idea it was all a set up. I truly thought this child was caught in a lie and did a wonderful job at trying to get out of it just like a real adult would. But the most tender part of this Coco video is how beloved the film has become so quickly. The portion of the video in which she speaks about crying when the grandmother is singing.

Speaking of, Naty also sings.

We think Naty is so funny and talented that the child has the potential of being a viral sensation just like Mila Stauffer.

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