negative mexicans on facebook
Photo: YouTube/Estrella Jalisco

Artists Change Negative Stereotypes About Mexicans on Facebook With #SharetheGood

Ever since Donald Trump launched his presidential campaign, his statements against Mexicans, and Latinx overall, changed how others viewed this community. He didn’t just say negative things about Latinx once, he said it continuously throughout his campaign, after being elected, and to this day. All of that negative rhetoric has made it possible for people’s perceptions about Latinx to change and not just in their minds but also social media.

It’s because of this growing trend that began by the president and trickled down to people nationwide and around the world, when you search for “Mexicans are…” on Facebook, all you’d see is negative, and false, generalizations. That perception on social media, specifically on Facebook, is what made Estrella Jalisco, a beer imported from Mexico by Anheuser-Busch InBev, want to change that.

The Mexican beer brand gathered a group of Mexican creatives to unleash positivity about Mexicans on Facebook in the hopes that the algorithms against Mexicans would change — and it worked! Here’s how they did it.

According to a statement by Estrella Jalisco, the group created more than 25 pages, 20 groups, and 20 websites and filled it with unique content. They then posted it on the different pages, groups and profiles. “We had real profiles (real people) posting content too. From there we had the pages interact with each other (share to, like, comment) and posted the sites as news articles. Next to that, we boosted some of the Facebook posts and pages to create awareness and activity. The effort changed negative search results that come when searching “Mexicans are…” to positive ones.

We searched “Mexicans are…” on Facebook, and their strategy worked. In the search tab we found “Mexicans are passionate,” “Mexicans are us,” “Mexicans are creative,” etc. How remarkable! We had no idea that changing a negative and false narrative on social media was so easy — or we should say, so amazing. The video above shows just how this group made that happen.