Neiman Marcus Is Still Selling Gourmet Latin Foods For A Lot of Money

A couple of years ago we heard Neiman Marcus was selling overpriced (and small) tamales

Photo: Unsplash/@taiscaptures

Photo: Unsplash/@taiscaptures

A couple of years ago we heard Neiman Marcus was selling overpriced (and small) tamales. Pretty hilarious that a luxury department store would sell tamales, right? Especially when you consider that you could buy them from a local Latinx vendor for way less, and probably taste even better. Well Neiman Marcus clearly didn’t care about the backlash because they’re still doing it.

They’re currently selling 72 handmade tamales (for 18-24 people) for $92, not counting tax and shipping. They’re also selling other Latin foods, including enchiladas (12 for 4-6 people) at $65 a pop — shipping is $15.50, by the way. Maybe you’ll be interested in devouring beef empanadas for a set of six at $58 or what about Smoked Chili Pepper & Chicken Flautas for $54. There’s also a flan for $32.00.

We’re honestly flabbergasted at the fact that Neiman Marcus shoppers have no idea where to buy delicious, home-made, Latin foods in their neighborhood. Or perhaps they just don’t want to bother?  Who knows, but that’s not all Neiman Marcus is selling.

They just released their 2018 holiday shopping guide and some of the items, under their “Fantasy” gift category are plain ridiculous. How about you ask your Secret Santa for a 74-foot yacht that will cost more than $7 million dollars or fulfilling your fantasy of becoming a secret agent for more than $300,000.

We get it. People are rich and they can spend money on over-the-top crap that they honestly don’t need. It’s just a bit mind-blogging that in this day in age, when people are suffering all over the world, and there’s so much turmoil in the country that you would think spending loads of cash on overpriced tamales or yachts perhaps wouldn’t be their top priority. Maybe we just don’t get how the one percent live.

Either way, Merry Christmas, we guess.

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