This New FDA Approved Treatment For Endometriosis Could Change Everything

Anyone with endometriosis, knows it’s not an easy condition to treat

The FDA Has Just Approved A New Treatment For Endometriosis HipLatina

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Anyone with endometriosis, knows it’s not an easy condition to treat. The tissues that normally line the inside of the uterus, also known as the endometrium, grows outside of the uterus into other areas like the ovaries, fallopian tubes and other organs in the pelvic area, which often causes patients a lot of pelvic pain. Fortunately, there’s a new FDA approved drug that can result in significant relief. It’s called Orilissa and it was created by the drug company Abbvie.

According to reports, Orilissa, is the first FDA-approved oral treatment for endometriosis that’s been created and released in over a decade. “Orilissa represents a significant advancement for women with endometriosis and physicians who need more options for the medical management of this disease,” Michael Severino, M.D. executive vice president of research and development and chief scientific officer of Abbvie said in a statement by the company.

Endometriosis is actually way more common than you’d think. In fact, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 11 percent of women in the U.S. between ages 15 to 44 are affected by this condition. Anyone can get it and there’s still not enough research to prove how one can even get it.

Similar to oral hormonal birth control pills or IUDs that release hormones, Orilissa also works to prevent your body from producing hormones that can contribute to the growth of endometrial tissue. It also helps to manage the pain. But what sets it apart from traditional hormonal birth control which has been used for years to treat and manage endometriosis, is that it specifically releases the hormone gonadotropin, a luteinizing and follicle stimulating hormone, which also reduces the production of estrogen, leaving your body in a menopausal state and stopping your menstrual cycle.

This new advancement could be significantly affective for a lot of women who struggle with endometriosis, it might even prevent them from having to seek surgical options. One of the hardest parts of having endometriosis is the way it can impact quality of life. For many women, it’s particularly painful when they are on their periods or during sexual intercourse. It’s good to know that now there’s an option that can help women who are living with this, experience less pain and finally get their lives back.

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