The Best New Latin Music of 2020 (So Far)

Happy quarantine, everybody! We curated an incredible list of new Latin music that’s so good, it just might get you through these crazy times

Photo: Youtube/

Photo: Youtube/

Happy quarantine, everybody! We curated an incredible list of new Latin music that’s so good, it just might get you through these crazy times. From regulars like J Balvin and Bad Bunny to newer solo artists like Lauren Jauregui, there is a ton of new music on the horizon. Also of note is Chyno y Nacho’s new song, which is everything you would expect from the dynamic duo’s reunion. Check out all of the tracks we have highlighted and hopefully, you and your girls can have a dance party via FaceTime, live from Club Living Room. We’ll be updating this list every month to keep you in the loop on all things Latin trap, reggaeton, and urban so bookmark this page!

“Raro” by Chyno y Nacho

Yes, lawd, Chyno y Nacho are BACK with some new heat. Their music is so fun and positive. Something we definitely need during this time. “Mi Nina Bonita” was obviously a classic, but we especially love “Raro,” a musical project that confirmed their highly-anticipated comeback. The song’s theme is about acceptance and how love can be misunderstood. Happiness and overcoming differences are themes that Chyno y Nacho continue to advocate for and we are all for it.

“Wata Blam Blam” by Jumbo, Farruko, and Wisin

Farruko and Wisin team up with Jumbo to bring us this new hit titled “Wata Blam Blam.” The urban artists told Dicomania that they wanted to come together to bring us a little reggaeton but at its maximum level. This song is a mix of reggae flow with that pure reggaeton beat. This song makes us remember the beautiful times when reggaeton first started taking off in the world. It is the perfect perreo for the perfect fiesta.

“Novia Mia” by ATL

Okay so we don’t know too much about ATL but from what we have gathered on the internet, they are a relatively new Latin music group. The lead singer has such a good voice, its so calming and sensual. The song itself is very catchy and the lyrics are something else. The song is about a guy not believing in love but he met this girl and now his whole perspective on love has changed. This song is honestly something that you can listen to while “watching” Netflix on your couch. If you find any new info on this group let us know. Hopefully, they come out with some more slow jams like this one.

“Histeriqueo” by MYA and Emilia

You guysssss, this is MYA’s new song with Emilia. Talk about another great jam to listen to during this quarantine. This song has got a touch of mischief and sensuality that will definitely make you feel some type of way. The video was shot in Miami and it depicts three scammers stealing a significant amount of money who betray each other in the end. The overall vibe of the song is good enough to get you through a chill night at home with your boo.

“Fantasias” (remix) by Rauw Alejandro ft. Anual AA, Natti Natasha, Farruko, and Lunay

Just when you thought you couldn’t get enough of Rauw Alejandro’s “Fantasias,” he comes out with the remix featuring most of our faves. The best part about this song is that each artists brings their own original flow with fierce vocals and dance moves that would go great on your next TikTok post. Rauw sings about living out all of his fantasies with the girl he is crushing on while all five artists have a great time together at a beach party. Tfti Rauw.

“Se Canso” by Jay Menez, Darell, and Kings Daddy

Another great song with a mellow beat. At first, we thought this song was about how we are all tired of this coronavirus but it’s actually about a girl who is tired of being lied to and she will no longer put her heart at risk. Throughout the song, Jay Menez tells her how he can give her whatever she wants, something every girl wants to hear. Once we can all leave the house again, this is a song you’d listen to at the end of a night out.

“Amarillo” by J Balvin

We know, we include J Balvin on just about all of our playlists but his flow runs through us and we can’t help it. It was fun guessing what color he would come out with next but he recently released his new album Colores and now we have more than one color to choose from. J Balvin told Billboard that “Amarillo” is meant to make everyone dance and be happy. Despite the current circumstances, his idea behind the album was to “bring light and happiness to people.” Even during our toughest times, we can always count on J Balvin to show us the way.

“Perfume” by Dalex, Sech, and Justin Quiles

“Perfume” is an epic song between three great artists who are part of a new generation. They are giving all of us a more refreshing beat to the Latino Urbano genre. Each artist brings their own vibrant sound and style that will take you on a journey of sensuality and flirtation that really only happens en las fiestas. We wanted perreo and they certainly delivered. These three individuals always leave us wanting more.

“Lento” by Lauren Jauregui and Tainy

The former Fifth Harmony member recently unleashed her newest single and it is fire. The concept for the moody music video was creatively sought out by Jauregui herself. This song is a mid-tempo jam that shows off her smoky vocals. She recently told Rolling Stone that she wants to slow things down during this tough time. She goes on to say, “I hope dancing to this song helps your spirit feel joy, as you spend time with your loved ones and continue to cultivate in the face of fear and uncertainty.”

“Definitivamente” by Daddy Yankee and Sech

This beat is not your usual Daddy Yankee beat – it’s very mid-tempo and more of a modern sound than what he is originally known for. This song was written by both DY and Sech and it’s more of an anthem for the guys. It’s for all the men who want to break it off with their girlfriend because there’s just too much drama and life’s too short. Sech told Billboard that he has always wanted to record with DY and he was so grateful for the opportunity. 

“Perdiendo La Cabeza” by Carlos Rivera, Becky G, and Pedro Capo

The video starts off with Becky G in a boat entering the jungle before sailing on into a snow scene and landing in space.  There is great chemistry between all three of these artists. Becky G told ET that the song is “contagioso” and it’s something that will make you want to dance. 

“Lento” by Tainy, Sean Paul, Mozart La Para, and Cazzu

Tainy is a Puerto Rican music producer and songwriter who has worked with artists like Wisin y Yandel and Jennifer Lopez. This song is off of his recently released debut solo EP The Kids That Grew Up on Reggaeton: Neon Tapes and he has now teamed up with Sean Paul, Mozart La Para, and Cazzu for “Lento.” The video is great because it’s got that very old-school reggaeton vibe. 

“Rene” by Residente

This is a very serious song. Residente tells Billboard that this is a very “therapeutic” single that sheds light on his own personal journey. He says he started to write because of some intense feelings he had before a show in Mexico. Big time artists such as Bad Bunny, Karol G, and Kany Garcia even said that the lyrics were very raw and honest. This song takes on tough subjects such as depression and suicide. It’s definitely worth a listen. 

“Idiota” by Sofia Reyes

Sofia Reyes has such a unique style and this particular song has us wanted to binge on all her music. If you’re tired of the guy you’re dating, you’d appreciate this one. You can rock out to it in your car or with your girls but it’s definitely a song that should go on your girl’s night out playlist. 

“Ignorantes” by Bad Bunny and Sech

Bad Bunny and Sech surprised us all with the release of “Ignorantes” the day before Valentine’s Day. El Conejo Malo sings about a time when he was in a happy relationship but didn’t take it seriously and he eventually lost it all. The music video shows different couples, of different races and sexual orientations, losing people they love due to their own ignorance.  

“Fresa” by ChocQuibTown

This song embraces the Afro-Colombian culture with a futuristic tropical sound. The video shows cupid failing to help couples fall in love but the coolest part is that the food in the video was cooked on set by one of the directors. It’s a typical dish from Colombia called sancocho. They brought the whole vibe to set. Another fun fact is that one of the stylists of the music video is Carolina Osario who just happens to be J Balvin’s sister. 

“Rojo” by J Balvin

First, it was “Blanco,” then “Morado,” and now “Rojo.” This new song by J Balvin is not what we expected. It is a softer reggaeton song with an emotional music video. While on the drive to see his newborn baby, J Balvin gets into a car accident. He never gets to see his new family but he is with them in spirit. This song and video is about being more open and not being selfish. 

“KEII” by Anuel AA

We didn’t actually have to listen to this song to know that we would like it. “KEII” opened at No. 3 on the Billboard Hot Latin Songs chart. The song drops some big names (Bad Bunny, J Balvin, Don Omar, Nicky Jam, Daddy Yankee, Lunay) as well as some top hits (“Callaita,” “Taki Taki,” “Hasta Abajo,” “X,” “Mayor Que Yo”). With all these artists that he’s collaborated with, it’s only appropriate to include them in this single that means “respect” in Japanese. 

“Despacio” by Natti Natasha, Nicky Jam, Manuel Turizo, and Myke Towers

Natti Nat has dropped her newest single of 2020 and it’s got a great vibe to it. This urban pop song is about enjoying the moment with the person you love without feeling the need to rush into anything. Natti Natasha told Billboard that she hopes her fans with be able to identify with this track as she takes them away to space in the music video.

“Muevelo” by Daddy Yankee and Nicky Jam

We love Daddy Yankee, so of course, we had to throw his new track on here. Now this song is a little more old-school reggaeton-sounding like when Los Cangris first broke out in Puerto Rico. Side note: Nicky Jam and Daddy Yankee were known as “Los Cangris” back in the day. This song features fragments of the 1994 song “Here Comes the Hot Stepper” by Ini Kamoze so it’s got a 90’s vibe to it. We’re really digging the throwback feel.

“Morado” by J Balvin

J Balvin has dropped another hit that you’ll want to throw onto your pregame playlist. This midtempo reggaeton track describes someone who is powerful, which is our mood these days. According to J Balvin, he sees music as colors and he wants all of his fans to feel the colors on his upcoming album. We’re feeling it!

“Recuerdo” by Tini, Mau y Ricky

This song is a sexy banger. Tini is a 22-year-old singer from Argentina and in case you didn’t already know, she’s dating Sebastian Yatra. “Recuerdo” is a sensual track but upbeat track that will definitely get you up and moving. 

“Manuela” by Sharlene ft. Farina and Tainy

Sharlene just released her first album, Viaje. The songs on the track are upbeat and catchy, especially a hit-favorite “Manuela.” It’s definitely the kind of track that will stay in our head all day. Equally as catchy is “Dieta,” another song from the album. 

“Me Gusta” by Anuel AA and Shakira

YASSS! Anuel and Shakira. What could be better? You may recognize the beginning from “Sweat” by Inner Circle, a song released by a Jamaican reggae group in 1992, but Anuel and Shakira have added a reggaeton twist to it. These two have released so many bangers, but this song is everything.

“Maldad” by Steve Aoki and Maluma

Praise Jesus, our Latin Lord and Savior has teamed up with Steve Aoki to bring us some new music.  In an interview, Aoki told Billboard that this song took years to make. This song is a Latin urban fusion with Middle Eastern rhythms and it’s definitely got Maluma’s flavor in there. YES!

“Aventura” by Lunay featuring Anuel AA and Ozuna

Lunay recently released his newest single “Aventura”. It gives major “Soltera” vibes, mostly because it’s another banger but instead of Bad Bunny and Daddy Yankee, he teamed up with Anuel AA and Ozuna. This song is a must-have on your playlist this month. 

“Ya Tu Me Conoces” by Thalia, Mau y Ricky

This is no “Si No Me Acuerdo” but it’s still a poppin song. In fact, it makes for a great house party track. It will definitely have you and your friends dancing and singing along all night.  Also, can Thalia share her skincare regime? She looks flawless in this video!

“Borracho De Amor” by Cali y El Dandee and Reik

Cali y El Dandee linked up with Reik to bring a pop hit that you can bump when you’re trying to get over your ex. It has a more mellow start but picks up with a catchy chorus. 

“Viene Y Va” by C. Tangana and Natti Natasha

This song will put you in chill mode, for sure. It’s basically about how life comes and goes and the importance of enjoying our best moments. Natti Natasha gives the song a subtle tone with a heavy beat. The video also gives black and white Old Hollywood film vibes.  

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