New Moon in Aquarius is All About Divine Intervention

The Aquarius new moon on Jan

Photo: Unsplash/@ydaniels

Photo: Unsplash/@ydaniels

The Aquarius new moon on Jan. 24th is all about divine intervention. Remember that scene from Mean Girls where Regina George rolls up in her car to swoop up Lindsay Lohan and says: “Get in, loser! We’re going shopping.”? Well, this is exactly the vibe of this new moon. Meaning, you have no choice but to come along for the ride and find the spiritual bliss in it. There will be some speed bumps, but you’ll be fine because it’s time to switch lanes and hit the road towards your new path. The new moon in Aquarius’ energy square Uranus will be orchestrating the choreography and you’re being encouraged to get in formation, all while flowing and freestyling as you dance this new dance. Sounds chaotic and exciting all at once, doesn’t it?

This is what Aquarius embodies, the air sign paves way for radical change that can sometimes manifest as uncertainty mixed with enthusiastic mystery. Ultimately, you’re being called to reach a higher dimension, thanks to Aquarius’ ruling Planet Uranus, who is the big contender of this new moon. You will be shooketh, you will feel unprepared, and this is where you will be encouraged by the universe to be fluid. You will find yourself raising your vibration through these major changes set to transpire, thanks to Uranus’ heavy influence in the sky at the moment.

It’s time to embrace freedom, liberation, and revolution with this fixed air energy that we’re being served Jan. 24th. There can be this push-pull energy, due to the heavy fixed influence from Uranus transiting in Taurus. This is where you might struggle with interpreting any unforeseen changes in your life. Ask yourself, are these meant to be viewed as opportunities instead of curses? Remember all that talk about 2020 vision? This 2020 vision is about seeing things from a higher perspective. It’s about embodying the hanged man tarot card. This new moon will challenge many by forcing you to break free of old habits that have been stunting your growth. This can be an intense lunar phase for releasing addictions in the areas of substances, unhealthy behaviors and limiting thought patterns. It won’t be easy, but this celestial current will finally create the awakening that can birth fresh beginnings.

This Aquarius new moon falls on a universal 11 vibration in numerology. This is a vibration of spirituality and Aquarius happens to be the 11th sign of the zodiac. This is a new moon that will assist you with healing, as it is a very intuitive number. Expect there to be a deep need for independence as well. Breaking away from the heard and becoming the enlightened black sheep. You will find yourself walking away from relationships in business, love, and friendships that aren’t matching your frequency. This universal 11 vibration of the Aquarius new moon will ask you to develop a deep knowledge of faith in yourself, as you navigate any sudden upheavals in your life.

Divine intervention is the thought of something bigger than you being in charge, as its incredibly intelligent. Refer to the school of thought as the universe grabbing the wheel and creating circumstances out of serendipitous moments that ultimately leads to a better state of wellbeing. This new moon can and will liberate you of anything or anyone that is no longer serving you of your greatest good. It is your responsibility to not resist the outcome, and instead, be open to the spiritual healing that can transpire.

From all of this, we might encounter some major world changes in the areas of law, politics, immigration, and higher education, come this new moon. Maybe you decide to go for your Master’s Degree. Maybe there will be dramatic revelations in the current Trump impeachment. Whatever transpires, it will help bring about an educational opportunity for humanity to rise to the new dimension of love, learning, and spirituality in the fifth dimension, better known as The Age of the Aquarius.

May you manifest wisely.

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