This New Moon in Pisces Is All About Making Your Dreams a Reality

Every day we set out on achieving our hopes and dreams

Art courtesy Johanna Ferreira

Art courtesy Johanna Ferreira

Every day we set out on achieving our hopes and dreams. There’s an understanding that each day is a new opportunity to gain footing as we trek unknown terrain in this thing called life. Apply that mentality towards a new moon lunar phase, and you’ll have yourself some potent momentum that comes standard with every new moon. New moons are the best energies to maximize new beginnings in your life, and this new moon in Pisces is ready to spark your soul.

The new moon in Pisces is all about the connection between ethereal and your everyday life. Neptune is the ruling planet of Pisces, which adds the ingredients of dreams, intuition, and illusion to our sky come Feb. 23rd. As the twelfth sign of the zodiac, Pisces influences this new moon and encourages the masses in an ethereal inspirational manner.

This new moon is all about reaching new frequencies in your life. How do we evolve as humans and expand our legacy? How do we evolve our bandwidth while toggling back and forth between primal instinct and 5D (fifth dimension) access? How do we the human, vibe high like our new 5G technology? How do we take our life mission to the next level? How do we discover and embody our life’s mission? How can I make my dreams my reality? These are the questions you might find yourself in deep philosophy about as you dabble in the alchemy between the heavy Earth and Water elements during this astrological phase. This is a pleasant lunar phase to create a dialogue with self in terms of deciphering the actions needed to escape from fantasizing and wanting your deepest desires — and instead create them. 

As a result of Mars in Capricorn, you will feel grounded enough to make important decisions. Thankfully, having Mars sitting in Capricorn, you’ll be able to get real about what is tangible in your life and what isn’t. All this heavy Neptune and Pisces energy can at times, create a tendency to live in the land of fantasy without ever putting plans into action. It’s about the small wins with this new moon. Discover the holes in your strategy by implementing solutions that help bring you closer to the finish line. It’s time to draft up that business plan or create that savings account and do what you need to do in order to have the stability and courage to take that risk that your soul needs. It’s no longer about playing it small. This Pisces new moon is the definition of making the unimaginable to the imaginable. Pisces new moon mantra: Make the unreal, actually real!

You’ll be deeply intuitive during the next two weeks. This is going to be beneficial in order to make wise decisions at this time. Mars has a tendency to be impulsive and Neptune likes to play mind games. We also have Mercury in retrograde from Feb. 16th until March 9th, which will slow down energy. You’ll be passionate about your newfound enthusiasm for life, but this will be a slow roll process. Take your time by outlining your game plan as you strategize the measures needed to create your new reality. It isn’t advisable to make moves prematurely. Uranus transiting in Taurus creates a need for movement in the structure, but be mindful of implementing structured practicality that supports your need for freedom at this time. Meaning, weigh your options and connect with your gut. Gut checks will be useful for determining decisions based on what feels right and what feels off.

May you manifest wisely!

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