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Obama Endorses Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and More Democratic Midterm Candidates

Back in August, former President Barack Obama released his enforcement for several Democratic political candidates for the midterm elections. Our fave, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was not on that list. For a quick second we wondered if he knew something we didn’t. Why would he not endorse her? Maybe he just had to do his research? Maybe her election win was a surprise to him as well. Whatever the reason was, he has finally gotten on the same page as us. Yesterday, Obama endorsed a second-wave Democratic political candidates and finally Ocasio-Cortez is on that list.

“The Democratic Party has always made the biggest difference in the lives of the American people when we lead with conviction, principle, and bold, new ideas. Our incredible array of candidates up and down the ticket, all across the country, make up a movement of citizens who are younger, more diverse, more female than ever before,” Obama said in a statement, according to The Hill. “They’re Americans who aren’t just running against something, but for something. They’re running to expand opportunity and restore the honor and compassion that should be the essence of public service. I’m proud to endorse so many of them today, and I’m eager to continue making the case for why they deserve our votes this November.”

Ocasio-Cortez tweeted: “Thank you, @. Time to bring it home this November. Help us organize for healthcare, housing, education, and justice for all:

Along with Ocasio-Cortez, Obama is also endorsing 260 democratic candidates, bringing his total to 300 state and federal candidate hopefuls.

Other Latinx that he is endorsing includes David Garcia who is running for Governor of Arizona, January Contreras who is campaigning to be Attorney General in Arizona, Yadira Caraveo, Colorado senate candidate, Janet Cruz, Florida Senate and others.

“President just endorsed me as Arizona’s next Attorney General,” Contreras tweeted. “I am proud to have served in his administration — and I’m deeply grateful for his support as I work to prioritize honesty, accountability, and the families of Arizona.”

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