This Could Be the Most Offensive Halloween Costume of All Time

Halloween used to be fun

Photo: Unsplash/@zacharykadolph

Photo: Unsplash/@zacharykadolph

Halloween used to be fun. My favorite holiday was all about ghoulish and over-the-top costumes that celebrated the dark and scary. I understand some people like to use this time to dress in a way they could never in their real life — say, a sexy nurse or a cute cat. I have no problem with pretending to be some kind of over-sexualized character, mainly because it’s in the spirit of creating an illusion. But what about the overtly offensive costumes? People will naturally wear a president’s mask as a costume, which is common regardless of who is the president. And yet still, there are some that seriously cross the line.

For some reason, whomever is in charge of coming up with Halloween costumes truly believed that dressing up as a border patrol agent would be a great idea. Guess what, assholes, it’s not. And yet here it is:

For anyone to dress up as a border patrol agent has got to be truly sick in the head and be an overall insensitive jerk.

Sure, they might play this off as dressing up as an “enforcer of the law” because we’ve seen police costumes since forever. But this is costume is just jacked up. What this costume is really conveying is: ‘I think it’s funny when people are rounded up and taken to another country.’ Even worse, they believe role playing as a person who is known to detain Latino immigrants and break up families is hilarious.

Each year it’s almost like tradition: what is this year’s most offensive costume? Last year it was the wall.

The most ridiculous part of showing up in a costume like that is that people think they are either being funny or believe they are politically hip by dressing up as a hot topic. Like sure ‘this is a great conversation starter at any Halloween party.’

The one great thing about someone who dresses up as something offensive and/or culturally stereotypical, who perhaps had never said something idiotic or racist before, is that they just outed themselves as ignorant jerks. Perfect time to cut them out of your life.

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