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‘One Day At A Time’ Is Back for Another Season

What we hoped and pleaded for is now a reality: “One Day At A Time” will return to television screens once again! Yesterday, Pop TV — a network owned by CBS — said they ordered the fourth season of “One Day At A Time” months after Netflix canceled the sitcom and fans lost their minds.

While fans have voiced their outrage on social media and sought out to save it through the public forums, on the back end co-showrunner Gloria Calderon Kellett was speaking to various networks trying to score a deal for the show, Variety reports.

We are thrilled beyond belief to be making more ‘One Day At A Time,'” Kellett and co-showrunner Mike Royce said in a statement to the publication. “This show has meant so much to so many, and we can’t wait to dive in with our amazing new partners Pop and CBS. And we’d especially like to thank all of the fans for their undying support, helping us turn #SaveODAAT into #MoreODAAT.”

Legendary television creator and producer Norman Lear also expressed his gratitude about the resurrection of his “One Day At A Time,” show. “Three months ago, I was heartbroken with the news of our beloved ‘One Day At A Time’s cancellation. Today, I’m overwhelmed with joy to know the Alvarez family will live on,” Lear in a statement provided by Variety “Thank you to my producing partner, Brent Miller, our incredibly talented co-showrunners, Mike Royce and Gloria Calderón Kellett, and of course, Sony, for never once giving up on the show, our actors or the possibility that a cable network could finally save a canceled series that originated on a streaming service. And one last thank you to, Pop, for having the guts to be that first cable network. Even this I get to experience – at 96.”

Once news broke about this incredible news, fans on social media went nuts.

“We did it. We saved One Day At A Time,” one person on Twitter said. “Latinx babies like me will see more of our favorite family.” Another said, ” I am incredibly happy! Representation of the Latinx, LGBTQIA+ community and all other communities matter so much, especially on screen! Viva, ODAAT.”

The cast of the show also expressed joy about the show’s revival. Star Isabella Gomez said, “I can’t believe I’m typing this, but… we did it. YOU did it. The Alvarez family is coming back for a 4th season on @PopTV! What tHE F*CK!!” Rita Moreno said, “#SAVEODAAT is old news…#MoreODAAT is more like it!! Thank you @PopTV #ODAAT @OneDayAtATime we’re back!!”

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